Y4 Recycling Adventure!

27th April 2017
On Wednesday, a small band of Year 4 children went on a trip to the recycling centre in Waterbeach, then made some art work from recycled materials at an arts and crafts centre in Witchford.
Here's what they had to say about it...

Our trip to water beach

We went to Waterbeach to learn about recycling. The place was called Amey. A man called John was telling us about recycling. We played a quiz about recycling. We went on a tour round the recycling area, then we stopped and we went in to a room. John was in the room with another class called orchard. We had to were hard hats and green jackets. We saw all the machines, then we went back to Amey. There was a ball - not just an ordinary ball, a rubber band ball. The lady made two of the rubber band balls. It goes really high, no joke. Outside there was a massive structure of a hand made out of cans, with a ball made out of glass bottles. Inside there was two little structures of a dragon fly and a guinea pig made out of shopping carts.  I went to the toilet, went  in the car and went to Witchford. I had my lunch at the recycling store. We did art about earth day because earth has lived for 4,600,000,000 years so we did some art about it. I and Rafael did an awesome one because we were mixing paint to make cool colours. Thank you for reading. By Stevie



On Wednesday we went to water beach to learn about recycling we went to a place called Amey. A woman had a ball but not just a normal one it was A RUBBER BAND ONE. We also saw a Water Vole but it was made of shopping trolleys and a dragonfly made of shopping trolleys. THE WATER VOLE AND THE DRAGON FLY WERE ENORMOUS! I WAS SHOCKED! In the way to go in the doors WE SAW A COLLOSAL HAND MADE OF CANS AND IT LOOKED LIKE IT WAS HOLDING A BALL MADE OF BOTTLES. Whilst we were waiting for John we were doing the mannequin challenge. John was finally there and we went in the elevator. I was squished but we finally made it up. We went in a room full of children and they were all from a different school called Orchard school. By the way they were year threes and I made a friend. John was talking about recycling to the whole crowd including me and I learned that 90 of me were going left 90 of me were going right and 90 of me were going up, and that’s how much recycling people have thrown away.


We had snack time and I ate my pear and then we all were about to watch 2 films about recycling and it was really funny. After that we had to wear hard hats which LOOKED COMPLETELY NOTHING LIKE A HARD HAT. I had no idea why we had to wear that but it was fun. We also had to wear vests that were glowing green and white so we went on the coach and we went to a land fill. We saw a river that was full of trash that was the place that you had to put rubbish and compost away. At last we had to go and say bye to Amey and the whole school including John. But luckily we went to Mrs Blakeman’s friend’s house called Ruth’s. It wasn’t really Ruth’s house but it WAS HER SHOP called reimagine. It was a place full of materials and we got to make Earth for earth day. We made a mess when we finished making our earth but it was more fun than I thought it would be. By the way we ate lunch there and we had the most messiest hands. We had to go but I thought when we were going back to school the BEST EVER BIT WAS WHEN WE FINISHED OUR EARTH. When we were at school we finally ate flapjacks. It was so yummy and we got to play on the green for a little so that was my trip to Waterbeach. I hope you liked it.


By Rafael


What I Learned on Wednesday

Yesterday on Wednesday I went to Waterbeach and Witchford. I had lots of fun in those places. I learnt about recycling and I even did arts and crafts. It was fun and funny because Mrs Blakeman said Rafael do not get your hands dirty and guess what he did! He got his hands dirty again and Mrs Blakeman started laughing at him. Everybody was laughing. When we got to school we got a flapjack. Yummy! Sounds delicious! Do you want some flapjack because this is making me very hungry? But there is no more flapjack sorry hehehehehe! by Kelly 


Our day out

On Wednesday while the hilltop people were going to the bus we went but we had to wait a little bit because the bus was in our way so we couldn’t go. When we starting going we went past my houseJ! We went to Waterbeach and there was another school that was called Orchards. They were in year 3.  It was fun. We had quizzes and we watched 2 films. We had to have groups for the quizzes and before we had to go we put on some hats and something over our coats and we needed a partner. I had no one so I had to go with a teacher and I was fine with it. I questioned myself why do we need a coat and I went outside and I realised it was raining. We went on a bus and they shown us around the place. When we were going back inside we had to put away the hats.


We were heading back to the car go to Witchford. It was really fun there. We had our lunch at Witchford too. After we had lunch we got some baskets that Ruth gave us and looked around the place for some items we would like to use on our artwork. We made our artwork based on earth. After we got the stuff we needed I hid a background I didn’t want anymore and I just wanted another one but then we had to start so I asked Ruth to draw me the earth so I could colour it in with paint. I wanted to stick on my items first but I couldn’t because I then wouldn’t be able to paint under them. Ruth had some circle things I used to blend in the colours on the cardboard. The colours I blended in were dark blue, light green and dark green. Now I’m not as sure to put on any decorations on my art.


When we got back to school Mrs Blakeman let us stay outside for about 10 or 15 minutes before we could go and play. Mrs Blakeman gave us all a Flapjack but Antonia didn’t want any. The flapjack was delicious. We all sat on a green bench where the first aid kit normally is and Mrs Blakeman took a picture of all of us. After Mrs Blakeman took a picture of all of us we could go out and play. After 10 or 15 minutes passed we went inside. We gathered around Mrs Blakeman and her computer and Mrs Blakeman wrote what we could do to on Thursday on her computer. She printed the list out and got Kelly and Antonia to go and get about 6 copies.


By Nicole