Autumn 2 Blog

Poetry Collection
Here is a selection of poems about what it would be like to fly around Ely.
Peppered Moth Game
In Science, we have been learning about inheritance, adaptation and evolution.
We tried the Natural History Museum's Peppered Moth game to learn how the peppered moth adapted to a different environment. When trees were polluted with soot from sooty fires, lichen did not grow on the bark of the trees and the trees became darker in colour. Only dark coloured  peppered moths could camouflage against the bark and the lighter coloured moths were eaten by birds. When the air was cleaner, after the Clean Air Act in the 1950's, the lichen grew back, the bark became lighter and the lighter coloured moths were then the ones with the best camouflage.
We made moths from paper and flew them onto dark or light coloured tree trunks. When they survived, we added 2 more moth to the group and flew them again. When they all landed on the opposite colour tree, they all died out!
The Wild Robot
Here are some extracts from some of our stories that we wrote about Roz the wild robot.