Book News

This term, we are reading Beetle Boy by MG Leonard.
There are more in the series - you might like to read on; Beetle Queen, The Battle of the Beetles,  and the Beetle Collector's handbook. These books are going to be made into a TV series!
She has also started a new series of books called Adventures on trains. These are mysteries to solve set on classic locomotives. A great idea for a story!
The author's website is here: website
In class, I have been noticing someone reading a book and falling about laughing! He doesn't bother anyone ( it's silent laughter) so I wondered what was amusing him so much. Well, it was Mark Lowery's Chicken Nugget Ambush. You probably remember Mr Lowery when he was a teacher here. He has written lots of books now and they are very popular. It's worth keeping up and seeing what he has written recently. We all love the Roman Garstang series but did you know he had written his latest book  called Eating chips with Monkey in 2020?
The Costa Children's Book awards have recently been announced. I can't wait to read the winner:
Voyage of the Sparrowhawk by Natasha Farrant.
The magazine Books for Keeps says about it:
Voyage of the Sparrowhawk is an epic journey of police chases, storms at sea and unexpected puppies. Set in the aftermath of World War 1 it follows two orphans as they take their narrowboat across the Channel in search of lost loved ones and a place to call home. A thrilling rollercoaster of an adventure, full of emotion and heart.
What more could you want in a book?
Voyage of the Sparrowhawk
Madison recommends Tom Gates Yes No Maybe  by Liz Pichon- it's funny and as good as the other books by the same author
Alba recommends Black Beauty by Anna Sewell- it's sad but funny too.
Jessica says Clare Balding's The racehorse that went missing is a great mystery story.
India really likes Jacqueline Wilson's Clover Moon - it's set in Victorian times and talks about the hardships experienced in those days. She thoroughly recommends it!
If you have recommendations, I would love to include them here. Let me know what you think. Ms Fellows