Caythorpe Trip

27th June 2018
Tuesday 26th June, 8am
Good morning from Caythorpe!  As you can see, the sun is shining and everyone is happy and excited about our first day of activities.  Our 'cabin-style' rooms are lovely, and it's great to be able to step out onto the grass to relax, throw frisbee or play football.  Breakfast is at 8:20am and our sessions start at 9:15.
More later.
Tuesday 26th June, 7pm
A fabulous first day of activities.  Children are having lots of fun, and we are keeping them well-hydrated and telling them to apply lots of suncream!  Here is a selection of a few photos to give you an idea of today.
Tonight is a camp fire with toasted marshmallows!  Yum!
Wednesday 27th June, 8am
There was lots of (loud!) singing at last night's camp fire, but we still had plenty of voice left to sing, "Happy Birthday" and share a cake!  We followed this with toasted marshmallows.  Everyone slept well last night - the day tired everyone out for sure.  Children are looking forward to quad biking today.
Wednesday 27th June, 6pm
News from the World Cup has reached us here (!) but nothing's stopped us from having a great time.  The children are doing themselves proud - one of the PGL leaders said to me this afternoon, "Every group I've had from your school have been fantastic - they support each other so well.  It must be a lovely school."  What a nice comment, and so true: the children have  been stars, showing amazing determination, support and kindness.  It's so brilliant to take such a positive, supportive group away.
Here are a few photos from today.  Enjoy!
Thursday 28th June, 6:30pm
Today has been the day of the Giant Swing! Your team pull you up, up and up; when you've got as high as you dare, pull the cord and feel the exhilerating drop as you swing out over the fields! Lots of screams (even from Mr Mackender!).

Children are sleeping and eating well - they should be pretty exhausted by the time we see you tomorrow. We aim to depart at 13:30, so should arrive back at Ely St John's around 15:30. We will let the Office know when we've left and if there are any changes to our ETA.

See you soon!