EYFS Remote Learning W/B 1st February 2021

Week Beginning 1st February 2021
We are glad that so many of you enjoyed the story of The Emperor's New Clothes. The story maps, speech bubbles and role play that we have seen are super. We also enjoyed seeing some favourite outfits and hot/cold weather outfits. We have some very stylish children in Foundation Stage! We were impressed by the maths work that was completed with coins and can see that the children have worked very hard with this and the phonics activities. 
You have a maths, a phonics and a literacy activity to complete each day this week. There are more videos to help you - look for the links in the planning documents. This week is Children's Mental Health Week so there is a special assembly from Mrs Turner for the whole school to watch and our learning challenges this week are all linked to healthy living.  You can find the links to both at the bottom of this section.  
You can watch whole school assemblies from Miss Bassett and Mr Henson here.
You can listen to the Foundation Stage adults read a story on the Story Time page. You could watch one when you have a snack, just like we do at school!
Parents and Carers, please remember to upload at least one maths, phonics or literacy observation each week. We have taken onboard your feedback about the literacy and planned this week's work to include what we think is a realistic amount of writing for the children to complete at home at this point in the term. We have also moved away from the Oak Academy units based on feedback about the children's engagement. We hope this helps when supporting your child at home.
Tips for supporting literacy learning:
  • Take a break - return to the session later or even the next day. We would rather 2-3 sessions were completed well, than 5 sessions partly completed. Just remember to view the videos in order.
  • If phonics is tricky, encourage your child to record initial sounds and then scribe the rest of the word for them OR encourage them to write the first part of the sentence and then complete it for them. Contact class teachers if you are unsure if this is appropriate for your child, we want to help!
  • At this stage in the year, the children are all at different stages in their handwriting development and this is linked to their physical development. If your child finds writing physically tricky, use letter cards as much as possible to build words rather than writing them, and encourage them to join in with the active activities.
If you have any questions about the learning or you need support with the resources, contact us at foundation@elystjohns.cambs.sch.uk or leave a message on Tapestry.
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In Literacy this week we are going to be writing instructions for making a sandwich! We will do a little bit each day and by the end of the week you will have written a recipe, including a list of ingredients. It is important to watch the videos in order so that the learning makes sense. Keep this work in your pink book as we are looking forward to seeing it when we are able to have books in school. There is no teaching video for Friday, we would like you to finish the week by looking at the new Guided Reading activity that is uploaded for you on Tapestry.
Our apologies for the incorrect links to Thursday's video. It has now been fixed if anyone would like to complete the activity on another day. Thank you to those parents who got in touch to let us know about the error.
Parents and Carers:
The video for Tuesday's Literacy teaching is longer than our usual teaching inputs as it includes 3 sections. We would expect the children to complete this activity over the course of 2 or even 3 days. The points at which to stop and take a break are clearly indicated in the video. If your child finds the writing difficult, please ask them to complete the writing in section 1 and then scribe their ideas for the later sections. Similarly, if your child completes parts 1 and 2, you could scribe their final sentences for them. We have also included an extra challenge for our very confident writers - this is optional.
Let's Get Active
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