EYFS Remote Learning W/B 25th January 2021

Week Beginning 25th January 2021
We were very impressed by everyone's work last week, we could see some super phonics and maths learning taking place. We loved seeing the challenge work too! There was some super language used to describe what happened to the Gingerbread Man when he went in the water, our favourites were 'dissolve', 'disintegrate' and 'icky'! Luckily, there are some expert engineers in Foundation Stage. We think the traps and boats that you built would mean that we could capture the Gingerbread Man and help him get to safety.
You have a maths, a phonics and a literacy activity to complete each day this week. There are more videos to help you, look for the links in the planning documents. There is also a menu of activities linked to our new story, The Emperor's New Clothes. Try to do at least two of them. It is important to stay active so join in with the PE activities in the 'Let's Get Active' section below.
You can watch whole school assemblies from Miss Bassett and Mr Henson here.
You can listen to the Foundation Stage adults read a story on the Story Time page. You could watch one when you have a snack, just like we do at school!
Parents and Carers, thank you for your feedback about the activities so far. Some common questions are related to phonics and literacy. If your child is finding the writing element of phonics tricky, encourage them to use their letter cards instead - the important learning in these sessions is the letter/sound correspondence. Similarly, if your child is finding the literacy sessions frustrating, here are few suggestions to support them:
  • Take a break - return to the session later or even the next day. We would rather 2-3 sessions were completed well, than 5 sessions partly completed. Just remember to view the videos in order.
  • If phonics is tricky, encourage your child to record initial sounds and then scribe the rest of the word for them OR encourage them to write the first part of the sentence and then complete it for them. Contact class teachers if you are unsure if this is appropriate for your child, we want to help!
  • At this stage in the year, the children are all at different stages in their handwriting development and this is linked to their physical development. If your child finds writing physically tricky, use letter cards as much as possible to build words rather than writing them, and encourage them to join in with the active activities.
We hope that helps. If you have any questions about the learning or you need support with the resources, contact us at foundation@elystjohns.cambs.sch.uk or leave a message on Tapestry.
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In this week's literacy we are exploring the story of The Emperor's New Clothes with Mrs Howley. Click on the link below to visit the Oak Academy website. Watch one video each day and join in with the activities. Make sure you watch them in order and keep your literacy work in your pink book.  
When you have completed all of your daily learning activities, you can choose from the Learning Challenges. Some of these activities might take more than one day and you can do each of them more than once if you would like to. We are excited to see which challenges you choose!
Let's Get Active
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