Foundation Stage Blog Autumn Term 2021-2022

Autumn Term 2021
Christmas Fun!
The Foundation Stage classrooms have felt like Santa's workshop this week. The children have been busy making cards and decorations, using the art skills that we have practised throughout the term in their work. They have also been wrapping presents, writing cards and delivering them from the classroom post offices. Both classrooms are looking very glittery right now.
We were very proud to share this year's Nativity show and glad that family and friends enjoyed it. The children performed brilliantly and enjoyed watching the premiere with their friends. You can watch it again by clicking on the link below.
On Thursday, lots of fun was had at our Christmas party. We played party games, enjoyed a party snack and showed off our best dancing moves. It was a super way to finish our first term at school.
Bird Feeders
We talked about ways that we can help local wildlife in the cold weather. The children decided to make feeders for the birds we see in the courtyard. They have also made sure the bird bath is kept full, defrosting the ice on cold days. We were all very excited to see the birds eating from the feeders that had been hung around the courtyard.
In our maths activities this week, we have been exploring different ways of measuring an item. We have compared the height, length and weight of cuddly toys in our carpet time and the children have been exploring independently all around the classroom, courtyard and spinney. We have focused on using the correct vocabulary to describe our observations. Tallest, shortest, longest, heaviest and lightest are all words we have been using.  We have also practiced using 'shorter than' and 'lighter than' when comparing items. It would be very helpful if you could practise this vocabulary at home - cooking and building with Lego are super activities for this! 
Remembrance Day
After a class discussion about poppies and why they are worn at this time of year, many of the children chose to make their own poppy art from loose parts and other materials. We were very impressed by the children's thoughtfulness during our discussions. We joined in with 2 minute silence and talked about the Remembrance Sunday parade in Ely.
Outdoor Fun!
Foundation Stage have had some exciting deliveries of outdoor resources this week and the children put them straight to good use. Bouncing on the space hoppers, balancing on the curved boards and catching with the cup and ball toys were all great fun. The two person trike has been especially popular. The children have made sure everyone is able to take a turn by using a timer and easel to create a booking system! 
The children in Foundation Stage were excited to make their own bread after sharing the tale of the Little Red Hen. Unlike in the story, everyone joined in with the hard work of measuring, mixing, and kneading! The baking bread smelt delicious and we hope it tasted just as good once it was eaten at home. The children were inspired to continue thinking about recipes in their play, adding herbs and spices to playdough and building ovens to 'bake' their creations. 
Foundation Stage took delivery of several large cardboard boxes this week and found many creative ways of using them. The children persevered to cut and tape the boxes to construct everything from cars to trains to houses. We decided to use largest box for painting, with paint being brushed, splattered, and rolled across it. We think it could be displayed in a modern art gallery!
Staying for Lunch at School 
We are looking forward to Monday when the children will be having lunch at school for the first time. We know this can be a little daunting for the children so Tim Tiger and Ted Bear went to lunch today and took some photos so that everyone will know what to expect. Please take a look at them with your child over the weekend and also have a chat about the menu (link below).