Foundation Stage Blog Spring Term 2021-2022

Spring Term 2022
Foundation Stage have been learning about dinosaurs, thinking about where they lived, what they looked like and what they ate. We have also been finding out about the work of Mary Anning and why fossils are important clues about the past. Did you know that fossilised teeth and footprints can help you work out if a dinosaur was a carnivore or a herbivore! We were lucky to have real fossils from Ely Museum as part of our provision. The children were super palaeontologists, handling the fossils carefully, asking questions to find out more, and creating detailed observational drawings.
The children have also been measuring dinosaurs, reading facts about dinosaurs and writing their own non-fiction sentences. They have so much knowledge about the topic that we think they could help the team at the Natural History Museum!

People Who Help Us

On Thursday, we had an exciting visit from a real police officer! He talked to us about what the police do and how they can help us and told us about their uniforms and the equipment they carry. He showed us the police car and opened the boot so we could see what was inside. We listened to the sirens - they were very loud! The children tried on some different police hats and looked at their own fingerprints before making a fingerprint key ring to take home. A big thank you to PC Day for a fantastic afternoon!

World Book Day!
On Thursday 3rd March, Foundation Stage had a fantastic day sharing their favourite books and dressing up as favourite characters. Can you spot any of your favourites in the photographs? The children had fun building their own reading dens and they loved meeting the children in Year 4 who visited to read stories.
Alien Adventure!
We had an exciting start to the week when a mysterious box crash landed in our mud kitchen, knocking everything over! The children had lots of ideas about where it might have come from: dropped from an aeroplane, crash landing from space, falling from the roof. They also noticed some unusual symbols that looked very similar to the symbols in our book, Beegu. They asked Mr Hambley to check that the box was safe to open and on Tuesday we looked inside and found Beegu! Everyone thought hard about how to make her feel welcome, talking about things she might need such as food and drink and looking in the book for clues about things she might like.
The children then set to work helping Beegu to get home safely. They designed and built space vehicles for her to use and used their knowledge of the solar system to create maps for her. Luckily, Mr Hambley was able to fix Beegu's ship so, on Friday, we helped her launch back into space to meet her family. We  think she enjoyed her time at ESJ and hope she visits again!
We had a fantastic week with Anna from Outspoken Training, learning how to use a balance bike. The children found out how to push, glide and brake as they travelled around the playground and also discussed safety, thinking about helmets and bike maintenance. After mastering the basics, everyone took part in games that practised their new skills and helped them to share space safely with others.
Treasure Maps
The children have been inspired by the book The Treasure of Pirate Frank in their play this week, making and labelling their own treasure maps. They discovered how to use tea leaves to change the colour of paper and explored ways of cutting and ripping the edges so that their maps looked old, like the map in the book. Everyone chose the features they wanted to include with lots of imagination used.  Skyscrapers, volcanoes, palm trees and skeletons are just a few of the things you can find if you look closely! We were very impressed by how well the children labelled their maps, listening for sounds and finding the corresponding letters on sound mats. Well done, Foundation Stage!