FS Blog 2016-17

South Angle Farm trip
Foundation stage enjoyed their trip to South Angle Farm. They saw lots of animals including some that you do not usually see on a farm!
Here are some photos of our trip.
Maths Workshop
Foundation Stage thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Maths workshop. They worked well together discussing how to make the various shapes that they had been asked to. They had to solve problems such as ensuring they used one triangle (out of a range of shapes) when making their bigger shape or sometimes making sure they used two triangles.
We were really impressed with how engaged the children were when taking part. Many thanks to the Friends who arranged for this to happen.
People who help us
The children have been learning about people who help us. We have enjoyed visits from the police, the fire service and a radiographer. The children had the opportunity to ask lots of questions and learn new things about how these people help us. This has helped to develop their vocabulary and role play both in our outdoor and indoor environment.
The Fire Service
When the Fire Service came to visit, the children learnt about all the different equipment that firefighters use. They watched Laura put on her special boots, breathing apparatus, helmet and gloves. They also listened to a story about Francis the Firefly and learnt about fire safety. They then had the opportunity to see a fire engine close up, and even climbed inside to look at the controls. We were lucky enough to see the flashing lights too!
The Police
PCSO Hawkins came to talk about his role in the police force and how to stay safe. He showed the children his uniform and some were lucky enough to try it on. The highlight was seeing the police car with its flashing lights and loud siren!
A Radiographer
We were lucky to have a Year 1 parent who talked to the children about her role as a radiographer at a local hospital. The children learnt about x-rays and how to keep their bones healthy. They had fun looking at x-rays and guessing the animal.
Spring Term
Learning about the weather
The children have had a lot of fun learning about the different types of weather. They were able to experience lots of types, including windy, frosty and rainy days.
We especially enjoyed the frosty days of which there were quite a lot! On those days the children really enjoyed playing in the frost. On our winter walk they were able to write their name in the frost as there was so much of it on the tables and on the ground. They also enjoyed playing ice hockey with small world play toys as well as using magnifiers to look more closely at it.
Christmas time in Foundation
Foundation Stage children have been enjoying all things to do with Christmas this week! They of course performed in the end of term play and made super angels, townspeople and animals, remembering their words and dance moves really well.
They have also fully immersed themselves in role play in the courtyard. Our house has been turned into Santa's grotto and the children have taken it in turns to be reindeer, Santa and even Mrs Santa. Making lists for toys that their friends may like and writing cards and posting them in the post box.

Storytelling in Foundation Stage.

Literature in the classroom should have that extra bite – to surprise, challenge, delight and create wonder as well as the inexplicable charm of rhythmic and memorable language. Pie Corbett.

We love stories in Foundation Stage and both classes have been busy exploring the traditional tale ‘The Enormous Turnip’. In Mrs Tipping’s class, we went on an exciting adventure of discovery when we found a magic seed in our classroom with an intriguing note from a mysterious ‘Friend’. We used our imaginations to guess who the seed might be from – could it be a fairy princess, fiery dragon or even Mr Aston? We also imagined what it might grow into …

Imagine our surprise when the next day we arrived at school to find an ENORMOUS turnip in our classroom! Full of questions, excitement and wonder, we enjoyed listening to the tale of a farmer who planted a tiny seed which grew and grew and grew until he needed help from his wife, a little boy, a friendly cat, and a teeny tiny mouse to pull the enormous turnip out of the ground!

Using a story map we practised retelling the story and made up our own actions to help us. When we were feeling brave we performed it to Mr Tharp and our Year 3 Reading Buddies – they said it was brilliant! We hope you enjoy it too.