Here at School

Here at School!
Ely St. John's continues to be open every weekday for the children of some 'Key Workers'.  While in school, the children enjoy a range of different lessons, activities and challenges each day - and have had a great time!
This page will be regularly updated with some of the fantastic work that has been done here in school by children from all year groups.

Nature Art
The KS2 children have been out in the Nature Garden collecting natural materials to create a picture. The finished creations look beautiful hung up in a window!
Colour matching in the Nature Garden
Year 6 used powder paint to mix colours as accurately as they could to match those found in the Nature Garden.
Field Studies Council (FSC) 'Live' Lesson
The KS2 children in school took part in one of the FSC's 'Live Lessons'.  They found out all about different habitats here in the UK and created some amazingly detailed drawings.  Well done to all who took part!
Fairy Tales and Storytelling
Some of the Y1 and Foundation Stage children in school have spent time planning and writing their own fairy tale stories.  Once they were completed, the children took turns to read out their tale from the 'Storytelling Chair' and even made miniature houses for some of the characters from their stories.
Greetings Cards
Lots of the KS1 children have spent time designing and making some beautiful greetings cards to send to the residents of Laburnum Lodge Care Home in Littleport.  
Hundred Square
Some of the Year 2 children worked as a team to build their own 100 square. They did an excellent job of helping each other to find and place the numbers correctly and we had some great conversations about the patterns we could see. After we had placed all of the digits, we worked together to read the numbers in words and place these on top. 
Spiral printing
These fab prints were inspired by the spiral patterns seen in shells.
Natural Art creations 
Take a look at these fabulous natural art creations (many incorporating symmetry) that the children designed with Mrs. Thompson! 
The Great Egg Drop!
The children were given a challenge to design an 'egg protector' using available materials. The eggs were then dropped from a height in the playground and everyone's egg survived the drop...except for Mrs Pitt's!