Homework and Messages

Homework and Messages
We thought this might be a useful space in which to keep a note of homework tasks and messages. If you lose your bit of paper or forget your Home/School Book, this might be the place to check!


Our homework jobs this half term link to some of the learning that we are doing in school.

We would like children to aim to complete one job each week. If children have homework that they would like us to see please help them to remember to put their books in the homework tray on a Wednesday. Books will be given back to children by Friday each week.

As well as an activity from this selection we would like the children to be reading regularly at home, both to themselves and aloud to an adult and practicing their multiplication tables. Spellings will also be set weekly.

Please see the document below for more information.


You will have been sent a letter about the year 4 Roman Day that is taking place on the last day of half term, 23rd October. Please ensure you have read the information. A copy of the letter is available below. 
Week Beginning 9th November
This week year 4s will be learning how to multiply 3digit numbers by a 1digit number using the grid method. Here is a link to a helpful YouTube video which explains to parents and children how to do this if you feel like you'd like to have a go at practising some at home with your children. Please be aware that when the video shows how to add the totals together, we have been using the expanded method at school, not the formal column method. Please ask your child to show you how to write the expanded method to solve the addition - they're getting really confident at it!!