Let's Keep ESJ Reading!

Let's Keep ESJ Reading!
Ideas to support reading and free online e-books to read with children from EYFS to Year 6.
As children are unable to select new reading books from school, we wanted to highlight a number of online resources that you may wish to visit to supplement the reading books that you have at home.  There are lots of amazing resources out there on the internet, but we would particularly recommend...
There are lots of free e-books that you can access through this site - especially good for younger readers.


A fantastic site that gives you access to free e-books and videos of authors reading their stories to you.  Lots of extra book-themed activities to get involved with as well.


Thousands of free e-books on this site - especially good for non-fiction reading.

The World Book Day website has stories to listen to for all ages.
BookofHopes.jpgThis is a new book, free to download, full of stories, poems, cartoons and pictures collected for children.  Edited by Katherine Rundell as a special project for children during lock down.
Available from :
And lots, lots more..!
See the pdf file below from Cambridgeshire County Council for even more fantastic resources, websites and e-books.