Messages, spellings and homework

We thought this might be a useful space in which to keep a note of any homework or messages. If you lose your bit of paper, or forget your home school book,this might be the place to check!
4 Z spellings:
30.4.18   Please check that you can spell these words: grammar guide guard probably promise
You can look for sets of words with gu in them - (the u makes the g a hard g sound) e.g. guide guided guider guiding guidance; guardian guard guarded guarding
7.5.18  real really actual actually promise naughty describe
14.5.18 peculiar particular ordinary medicine imagine  If you cna spell these words - great! You can try finding a many words from medicinal as you can. e.g. mean, lean, line, lime, nail, ail etc. Look for patterns.
 Here is  a menu from which to choose. Here is a copy of the sheet you have in your book (or in your bag!) to sign off each activity when it is done.

Choose one activity a week. Date and sign it off when you have done it.




1.Write an acrostic poem about something in the garden – tree, flower, grasses, wasp....

Each line of an acrostic starts with the letter of the subject. e.g.

Wafting in the window,

Around the kitchen you float.

So difficult to get you out again
Please don't sting me!

2.Find an animal, insect or bird that lives in your garden or in a park near you. Find out about it and make a mini fact file. Include its food, habitat, predators or prey; appearance..... sounds or calls... If you can, watch it and see what it does.

3.Find a flowering plant in your garden and take a photo of it or draw it. See if you can find out about it. Has it a name? Does it have a scent? Are its leaves a special shape? Does it grow from a seed or a bulb? Where does it grow / In sun or shade?





4.Practise bowling with a small ball like a tennis ball. Ask someone to catch or be batter so you have a target to bowl at. Use under arm technique. If you have no one to help, aim at a spot on the wall.

5.Make up a small game to play outside. Make sure the rules are simple to follow. You could come up with a new kind of cricket or a new take on hide and seek. Jot down the rules in your homework book.

6.Use natural things like sticks and stones to make a design or picture on the ground (see Andy Goldsworthy's pictures  - link below.) Take a photo if you can or just remember it! Leave it and see if it is still there when you visit again.

The idea of these tasks is that you to choose what you would like to do and when. If it is a fine evening, you could choose an outside activity. Check with a grown up first.


6th June
In Science we are learning about the hedgehog and how it is affected by human activity.
On Thursday this week, Mr Aston will give you an assembly from Hedgehog Street.
After this, your homework task is to research some facts about the hedgehog, why it is endangered and what we can do to help.  Next week you will use the notes you have made to write a guide in school.
There are some guides you can download on this page, and here are some websites to help you: