Nature Garden

October 2017
Thank you to all the lovely people who donated bulbs and helped us to improve our school environment. The Nature Club did a great job on Friday October 6th by digging a trench in the grass at the front of the car park so that it was really easy for the rest of the children to come along and plant their bulbs this week. The older children helped the younger ones and we can now all look forward to seeing what pops up in the spring.
Watch this space for photos.
The development of The Spinney as an area for adventurous play continues with the addition to the outdoor equipment of a number strong, stackable crates.
In March 2016, we had a final push to set up the outdoor areas
  • Spreading more wood chip in the Spinney areas
  • Cutting back and move wood in the KS1 spinney area
  • Completing the resurfacing of the allotment paths
  • Cutting back and tidy-up the compost area
  • Completing the new geology garden
  • Painting the allotment shed
  • and much more...
All ready for spring

February saw a complete revamp of our composting area. Adults and children joined in with energy and enthusiasm to tear down, build, dig, weed and tidy the allotment area, surely one of the best features of our super school.

In January 2016, our working parties thinned  the tree canopy at one end to allow more light to reach the ground and to promote more height diversity and the cut material made into a dead hedge, with the straightest poles now stacked and ready for use in den building.

In December 2015, parents and children got together to tidy up the allotment and begin work on making The Spinney more child-friendly.