Orchestra and Brass Ensemble go on tour!

19th June 2019
The Orchestra and Brass Ensemble went on tour on Wednesday and performed at four schools - Stretham Primary, Kings Acremont House, Springmeadow and Ely St Mary's. They were fantastic and behaved like true performers.
Here is what Livy has to say about the day:

Orchestra Tour

On Wednesday, the 19th of June, Ely St John’s orchestra and Brass Ensemble went on an exciting tour around four local schools. The coach took us to Stretham first, where we got off enthusiastically to go and perform. Our opening piece was ‘Scat Cat’ which got us going. Getting applauded by the audience made us feel proud and filled us with confidence for the rest of the day. When we were at King’s, we noticed that the ties were nearly as big as the boys! We’re lucky we don’t have to wear ties. Personally, my favourite piece was ‘Skye Boat’ because the violins play a large part and I also like the melody.

Thank you to all the adults who made it possible and to the schools who hosted us.

Livy Y5