Outdoor Learning For All

Outdoor Learning Challenges For All
Below are some ideas that you can all try. Complete them alone or with family. Some you can simply do by staring out of your window on a cold day!
I will add more during the week.
Nature A-Z
This is an old idea but easy. On a walk, in your garden or staring out of the window record anything natural you see. Yesterday I did this with a little description. Write it out on purple mash in the Shared Blog - Nature ABC.
Or just keep it simple and list the nouns.
Aconite flowers shine out.
Blackbird sang to me on a bendy branch.
Climbing vines reveal little green shoots.
You get the idea! It will be good to compare our ideas on the mash blog.
Make a Den! (Inside or outside)
You can do this in your bedroom, in your garden or under the kitchen table. It's going to be a challenge as we can't just roam around Ely! However, with a little imagination - a sheet - some pegs - a broom handle etc you can cosy up in a den. What you do in your den is up to you! I like to read or tell stories.