Ely St. John’s Primary School

                  Closure Curriculum                 



During the period of school closure, we remain committed to providing engaging and meaningful learning opportunities for all of our children.  In order to help facilitate this, we will be using this ‘Closure Curriculum’ section of the website to share tasks, activities and teaching resources for you to use at home.


Each of the Year Groups has a link that will take you to the relevant curriculum for that year group. The pages will be updated weekly during term time by teachers with an overview of the curriculum and downloadable tasks for children to complete.  We will endeavour to provide supporting resources to help with explanations and examples in order to aid understanding.  Our expectation is that all children will be supported at home to access these materials and will continue their learning as best as possible during this difficult time.  Thank you for your support with this!


Any work that children complete can be added to 'Homework' / ‘Working at Home’ books or be recorded by whatever means you feel is most appropriate. 


In addition to the year group curriculum tasks, there are many available extra resources, weblinks and activities that different providers have made accessible to families during this time.  There is be an ‘Extra Resources’ link to list many of these that you may wish to visit and try out.


Parental discretion can be used when accessing resources – if it is appropriate for your child to complete work from other year groups then please do so.


Should you have specific questions or concerns, please email office@elystjohns.cambs.sch.uk and we will do everything we can to respond to your queries.