Remote Learning - Optional Activities

Optional Activities
These activities are optional but if you would like more work to do then this is the place to look!  We are not expecting you to do these activities but we are more than happy to look at any work you do.
If you want to practise your CLIC skills, have a go at one of the ''Big Maths Beat That!' tests saved below.  The tests vary in difficulty - BMBT 9 is the easiest and BMBT 14 is the trickiest.
White Rose Maths
White Rose Maths is a fantastic website and is a great place to go for maths inspiration!  Click on the link below to find the Parent Workbooks they have produced.  Simply scroll down to Year 4 (or choose another year group if it is more appropriate for your child).
The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi
If you enjoyed listening to Winter by Antonio Vivaldi, you could also listen to Spring, Summer and Autumn.  You could draw a picture to go with each one or write a poem for every season of the year.  Call your work 'The Four Seasons' just like Antonio Vivaldi.