Remote Learning 11th-15th January

Hello Year 2! We miss you and look forward to seeing you again soon! Take care and stay safe.
Week beginning 11th January 2021
If your child is working from home, we would like them to:

  • read with you every day
  • complete an English and a Maths task every day
  • complete one Science task each week
  • complete one curriculum task each week

Please see the suggested timetable below for ideas of timings.

Please stick in any completed printed sheets into your child's Remote Learning Book. However, if your child is working on a page from a downloaded workbook and it isn't possible for it to be printed out, they can look at it on screen and write the work in their Remote Learning Book; just make a note of the activity title and question number. Please go through your child's learning with them and help them correct any mistakes they may have made. 
If you would like to discuss anything regarding remote learning, do please contact the year 2 team:
Weekly tasks
Literacy: We are starting a unit of work about Roald Dahl and we are looking at one of his books in particular. The book is called 'The Magic Finger'. There will be lots of opportunities to write and we will build up to a final 'big piece' of writing at the end. Children are all at different stages with their writing, but we ask that some things are A MUST. Sentences MUST begin with capital letters and end with full stops. 'Tricky Words' MUST be correctly spelled and children MUST use their Phonics to help them attempt spelling of other words. We have provided resources to help children to do these things. 
Handwriting: The children are all at different stages with their handwriting. To start, ensure your child can accurately write all capital and lowercase letters in the alphabet. If you think your child's letter formation is clear, they should start working through the joins in the Handwriting Resource Book (see below) which begin on page 5. Your child should practise one join a day (e.g. this week could be: ac, ad, ag, ai, am) and then find some words that contain the join they have practised. They could also put the words into sentences.
MathsWe want the children to be confident using Addition and Subtraction methods. Please read the attached document (below) which recaps how we add and subtract in year 2 and provides five differentiated activities for the week. The videos (below) are intended for you and your child to watch again and be used to help whilst completing the tasks.
CLIC: Attached is a plan and PowerPoint intended to be repeated for 3 weeks. CLIC is arithmetic practise which is all about repeating and revisiting the same things over and over. This is so that children become really secure with what they are have learnt which should mean that eventually they will be able to connect and apply their learning to other areas of maths quickly and with confidence. This link takes you to a website which, at the bottom, has a lot of nifty jingles with songs to help you learn tables facts. We're sure you will love singing those at the breakfast table with your child! Additionally, we have uploaded on Purple Mash calculation fact challenges so please encourage your child to log on to this.
Reading: Look at the free e-books on Oxford Reading Tree. Click on the link for the relevant book band for your child. The books your child came home with before the term ended will give you an idea of the book band your child is reading. Please ask the year 2 team if you are unsure which book band your child is currently reading.

Your child could try the books included for the band below to give them confidence; they could try the ones on the band above to give them a challenge too.

We will be uploading a daily video of our class story, Roald Dahl's James and the Giant Peach. We hope it brings us together for at least some part of every day. Chapters read so far are here:  1-2,  3-5,  6-7,  8-10,  11-12  and  13-14.

Curriculum: We have provided you with six Science lessons and seven Curriculum activities. We ask that you complete one Science and one Curriculum task each week. It is probably best to complete the Science activities in order, starting with Lesson One. However, the Curriculum tasks could be completed in any order.