Remote Learning 18th-22nd January

Well done to all of our wonderful year 2 families working at home.
You're doing a great job.
Thank you to all the families who emailed in Friday's maths learning task. We have put a few of the examples on the Year 2 Blog. We were thrilled to see the excellent addition and subtraction learning happening at home - well done everyone!

Week beginning 18th January

If your child is working from home, we would like them to do the following:

  • read with you every day
  • complete an English and a Maths task every day
  • complete one Science task each week
  • complete one curriculum task each week

Please see the suggested timetable below for ideas of timings.
Please stick in any completed sheets into your child's Remote Learning book. Alternatively, children can look at their learning task on-screen and write their answers in their Remote Learning book; just make a note of the activity title, date and question number.
If you would like to discuss anything regarding remote learning, do please contact the year 2 team:
Literacy: This week, we will continue to read 'The Magic Finger'. There are lots of videos to watch where Miss Jordan will be reading the story in small sections. There are also lots of opportunities for children to really get into the thoughts and feelings of the different story characters so that they can really understand what it would be like. There are also lots of opportunities to write. As always, please insist on correct punctuation (capital letters, full stops, question marks or exclamation marks). Please also pay close attention to spelling (use the Phonics Sound Mat and the Common Exception Words Mat). 
As an optional extra, we have included a Reading Comprehension Activity about Storms. This is a SATs Past Paper. You will probably have heard that SATs have been cancelled this year, however, learning how to do reading comprehension is a skill that children need to learn and they will continue to do similar things throughout Primary School. Therefore, we feel it is a worthwhile thing for them to do.
Spelling: Try Little Birds or Spooky Spellings which are fun ways to learn the year 2 spellings.
Handwriting: We hope the children have made a great start with their handwriting at home! Remember, the children are all at different stages with their handwriting so if your child needs to, ensure they continue to practise writing all capital and lowercase letters in the alphabet. If you think your child's letter formation is clear, they should continue working through the joins in the Handwriting Resource Book (below) which begin on page 5. Your child should practise one join a day (e.g. this week could be: an, ap, ar, as av). To help them see where this join can be used, help them come up with words that contain the join they have practised that session. They could even put the words into sentences. We'd love to see their writing!
Maths: For the next few weeks, your child will be learning about Multiplication and Division. Please read the attached document for guidance.
CLIC: Attached again is the three-week plan and PowerPoint for you to follow. At the end of each week, we'd like the children to complete a CLIC test and Learn It test as they would in school. Please read the attached 'CLIC explained' help sheet for more information.
Extra: This link takes you to a website which, at the bottom, has a lot of nifty jingles with songs to help your child learn the Learn Its. Hit the Button is a fun way for your child to practise a variety of number facts from number bonds to times tables. We have also uploaded calculation challenges to your child's Purple Mash account.
Reading: We hope you've been able to have a look at the free e-books on Oxford Reading Tree and if so, that your child has been able to read the ones linked to their current book band level.
The books your child came home with before term ended will give you an idea of the book band your child is reading. Please ask the year 2 team if you are unsure which book band your child is currently reading.

Your child could try the books included for the band below to give them confidence; they could try the ones on the band above to give them a challenge too.

In addition to this, we hope you're child has been enjoying being read the story James and the Giant Peach. Chapters read so far are here:  1-2,  3-5,  6-7,  8-10,  11-12,  13-14,  14-16,  17-18.518.5-19,  20-21 and 22-23


Purple Mash:  Once logged in, your child can click on the '2Dos' icon where they can work through the tasks that have been set for them, which will cover aspects of phonics, grammar and number facts; however, other curriculum areas may be covered too. The tasks that have been set should be completed throughout the week - they do not all need to be finished on the same day. We are happily responding to all the work handed in so far and comments left for us - thank you everyone!


Curriculum: We have provided you with six Science lessons and seven Curriculum activities. We ask that you complete one Science and one Curriculum task each week. It is probably best to complete the Science activities in order, starting with Lesson One. However, the Curriculum tasks could be completed in any order. 


Another Little Extra: At the moment, the rules still allow us to go outside for exercise (as long as we keep our distance from other people). So we have included some Outdoor Activities (Daily Walk Activities), that you might enjoy doing with your child.