Remote Learning 1st-5th February

Welcome year 2 parents, carers and support bubble members to another week of remote learning! 
It was great to see so many successfully drawn arrays for the Maths task last week - thank you for emailing the photos in. We hope that your child is becoming confident using this method. 
Week beginning 1st February

If your child is working from home, we would like them to continue to do the following:

  • read with you every day
  • practise their handwriting every day
  • learn their spellings every day
  • complete an English and a Maths task every day
  • complete one Science task each week
  • complete one Curriculum task each week 

This week, we would like to see two pieces of work: 1) Maths - Activity 10; 2) their finished piece of Literacy writing. Please email in photos of these to 
Please use this email to get in touch with the year 2 team for any help, support or guidance with any of the remote learning offer.
Please see the suggested timetable below for ideas of timings.

This week's Literacy activity is to complete the letter children started last week and to write another letter by themselves. There is also a Roald Dahl Comprehension Activity. 
Maths: This week's maths is again about multiplication. Please refer to the plan for activities, guidance and learning videos.
A Sentence a Day: Use this writing starter to keep your child writing at least one sentence per day, ensuring they use a capital letter to start and punctuation to end.
Spellings: See the attached document for this week's spellings for your child to learn. Little BirdsSpooky Spellings and Karate Cats are fun ways to practise spelling, punctuation and grammar.
Handwriting: We hope that whatever stage your child's handwriting is at, you are able to see their handwriting is becoming neater and clearer. Capital and lowercase letters should be well formed and appropriately-sized now. Keep working through the handwriting resource (attached). Your child should practise at least one join a day (e.g. this week could be: ci, co, cu, cy, da).
CLIC: *NEW* Attached is the new three-week plan and PowerPoint for you to follow. At the end of the week, please ask your child to complete a CLIC test and Learn It test (read the attached 'CLIC explained' help sheet for more information).
CLIC extra: This link takes you to the many jingles and songs to help your child learn their Learn Its. Hit the Button could also be used for recalling number facts. We have also uploaded calculation challenges to your child's Purple Mash account.
Class story: We read our class story after morning break. These clips are roughly 10 minutes long so whilst your child is watching, try to have a break yourself. Chapters read so far are here:  1-2,  3-5,  6-7,  8-10,  11-12,  13-14,  14-16,  17-1818-19,  20-21,  22-23,  24-25,  25-26,  27,  28,  29-30,  31-32  and  33-36.
Reading: We hope you've been able to have a look at the free e-books on Oxford Reading Tree. Once you've created a free account, your child will be able to read the books for their book band level. 
Purple Mash: Click on the '2Dos' icon where your child can work through the tasks that have been set for them which cover aspects of phonics, grammar and number facts. We are responding to all the work handed in so far and comments left for us - thank you everyone!
Curriculum: Attached is the Curriculum Menu with seven activities to choose from. These can be done in any order. Please do send us in photos of your child's learning - we'd love to see photos of completed tasks!
Science: Attached are the six Science lessons. We recommend completing the Science activities in order.
Fun exercises: Here are a few indoor things to try for exercise breaks. This Ghostbuster's Just Dance video is always enjoyed by the children in school. Here are two more for the children to dance around to: Waka Waka and Dynamite. The children just choose their player and they copy the moves. 
See also the Daily Walk Activities. 
A few jokes for our year 2s from Roald Dahl's Marvellous Joke Book:
What is a snake's favourite subject?  Hiss-tory!   
What's a witch's favourite subject?  Spell-ing!   
What do you call an old snowman?   A puddle!