Spring Homework

Thank you for bringing your completed homework into school on Wednesday each week. This has made it easy to mark your work with you and also helped you to practise those good habits for returning homework on the correct day.
This is the last week before the school holidays so we will not set any pages for you until after the break. Thank you for all your hard work and for practising your skills and knowledge.
Have a lovely holiday!
Week beginning 20.3.23
Please mark and correct the maths questions at home before bringing the work back into school.
Maths SATS foundation: page 8 and 9 Page 8 Q1 10; Q2 2000; Q3 150; Q4 420; Q5 2,390; Q6 3,800; Q7 44,100; Q8 27,000 page 9 Q1 3; Q2 34 Q3 5; Q4 7; Q5 18; Q6 691; Q7 9. 
Maths SATS Busters: pages 8 and 9 Answers Q1 100; Q2 10; Q3 47,000; Q1130; Q2 5900; Q3 8,730; Q4 634,700; Q5 761,000; Q6 95,300; Q7 4, 005,000; Q8 910,000;  page 9 Q1 10; Q2 1,,000; Q3 9; Q4 10; Q1 7; Q2 55; Q3 98; Q4 160; Q5 740; Q6 3 Q7 68; Q8 40.
Spelling book Homophones page 48 and 49
Week beginning 13.3.23
If you have these books, these are the pages we would like you to try
  • Maths SATS Buster Foundation: page 26-27 subtracting decimals  (Please mark - answers: Q3 0.1; Q4 1.1; Q5 3.7; Q6 2.6; Q7 4.6; Q8 12.7; Q9 4.3; Q10 4.31 Q11 2.23; Q12 2.27; Q13 3.61; Q14 4.37; Q15 3.2
  • Maths SATS Busters: pages 26-27 subtracting decimals:  1 (Please mark - answers: Q 2. 1.3; Q3. 4.5; Q4. 5.6;Q5. 4.63; Q6. 21.2;  Q7. 2.29; Q8 14.25; Q9 3.44; Q10 1.6  Q11 2.78; Q12 2.38; Q13 11.08; Q14 1.58; Q15 8.66; Q16 2.7; 
  • Spelling pages 22 and 23 able/ible  and ably and ibly
Week beginning 6.3.23
If you have these books, these are the pages we would like you to try
  • Maths SATS Buster Foundation: pages 24-25 adding decimals(Please mark - answers:Q3. 0.9; 4. 3.8; 5. 7.2; 6. 14.9; 7. 3.8; 8. 5.7; 9. 3.82; 10. 8.77; 11. 5.19; 12. 9.11; 13. 6.85; 14. 9.44 )
  • Maths SATS Busters: pages 24-25  adding decimals  (Please mark - answers: Q2. 34.8; 3. 8.5; 4. 9.99; 5. 35.7; 6. 19.94; 7. 5.94; 8. 13.76; 9. 7.91; 10. 54.83; 11.9.4; 12. 37.1; 13. 56.15; 14. 10.52; 15. 16.53; )
  • Spelling pages 24 and 25 al, el and ul, and sure and ture
Week beginning 27.2.23
If you have these books, these are the pages we would like you to try
  • Maths SATS Buster Foundation: pages 17-19 short division
  • Maths SATS Busters: pages 17-19 short division
  • Spelling pages 19 and 20 word endings
Week beginning 20.2.23
This week, we have new books for you to try. The answers are not in the book, so we will mark them in schooI. Please check your answers and ask a grown up at home to have a look if you are not sure.
If you have these books, these are the pages we would like you to try
  • Maths SATS Buster Foundation: pages 10-11 using times tables
  • Maths SATS Busters: pp 13 to 16 short and long multiplication (this is revision so should be relatively quick to do!
  • Spelling (everyone has the same book) pages 17 and 18 
Week Beginning 6.2.23
We shall resume homework tasks after the half term holiday. We hope you all have a good rest and enjoy your break! 
Homework for week beginning 1.2.23 to be handed in on the 8.2.23
You will be given a sheet on modal verbs for English and a sheet for maths which has questions converting decimals, percentages and fractions. Please remember to name your sheets. 
Homework for week beginning 25th January 2023 to be handed in the following Wednesday February 1st 2023
Find 20 words with -ough pattern and then group according to sound e.g. enough and rough; thought and sought..... You can write these on a pieces of paper or in your homework note book if you have one.
Divide proper fractions by a whole number. You should have a paper copy to try. Check the answers (on the back).
Remember that dividing by a whole number is the same as multiplying by a fraction e.g divide by 5 is the same as multiplying by 1/5th. 
Below, there  is a fraction knowledge organiser resource to help you remember to what to do.
Also below, there is an extra challenge with word problems and the answers so you can check.
Homework for week beginning Wednesday 18th January to be handed in on Friday 27th January
Please make sure you know your tables facts - know the like you know your name. Do you know your switchers? Check you are as fluent as you can be? It is never too late to practise and get better. Times tables rock stars is a great way to practise.
This week, we would like you to check you can add and subtract fractions. This is a revisit and it keeps coming up! Make sure you have the same denominators to add and subtract.
The whole resource is below - with answers - we will give you the section we would like you to try.  (You can do the whole thing if you feel inclined.)
The answers are here too so you can check and see how you got on. Please mark your answers.
(Adding fractions different denominators Corbett primary resource below.)
Spelling - collect words with letter you cannot hear when you say them aloud:
e.g thumb lamb....
knee, know, ...
thistle, castle ( you can't hear the t)...
island, aisle ( you can't hear the s) ...
wrong, write 
Can you think of any other patterns that would fit?
Find at least 5 of each.
 Homework Week 1 to be handed in on Friday Jan 20th
There are percentage questions to try. choice 1 - find 10%; choice 2 find multiples of 10%; choice 3 find different percentage amounts. Challenge yourself. (pdf files listed below)
i before e except after c
Make a list of words that have i before e such as piece, shield, field,  - find 20.
make a list of word that have the pattern ei ( i before e except after c) e.g receive, perceive... How many can you find?
Here is some help for grown ups if you are helping but have got a bit stuck! Help for grown ups