Taskmaster Challenge

Taskmaster Challenge
Week 8
w/b 1st June - A Sheet of Paper
Taskmaster Challenge
Week 7
w/b 18th May - Going Global
It was another absolutely fantastic week of inspired and creative 'Taskmaster' work in the week before half term.  Thanks to all of your entries, I was taken on a tour around some of the most iconic landmarks the world has to offer.  Check out some of the amazing creations below!
Certificates will be waiting for all the designers who this week created famous landmarks out of anything they could find - which included gingerbread, 3D printing and pens and pencils!  From Stonehenge to the Taj Mahal and the Leaning Tower of Pisa to the Great Walll of China (and lots more!) it was a real week to remember for the 'Taskmaster' judges.
Well done to everybody - and especially those entries pictured below that show some of my favourite creations!
The overall winner this week, with a superbly detailed and imaginative version of the Colosseum (in Rome) made from corks, was Aiden from Year Five.  What a great idea!  I love it!  Special shout out too, to Maddy's (Foundation Stage) gingerbread Eiffel Tower which all of the judges thought was absolutely amazing too!  Well done!
Taskmaster Challenge
Week 6
w/b 11th May - Beans on Toast
What a week of amazing entries into the 'Taskmaster' Beans on Toast Challenge!  Surely the best week yet!
Take some time to have a look at all of the fabulous 'Michelin Star' quality dishes served up in the photos below.  Well done to everyone who took part - all of your creations put a massive smile on my face during a very busy week!  Thank you!   You will all receive a 'Taskmaster' certificate once we return to school.
Is was almost impossible to select an overall winner... but in the end, Victoria's (EYFS) beans on toast with poached egg, avocado, Parma ham, mushrooms and more won the 'Michelin Star' prize.  Well done Victoria!  Check out her amazing dish below.
Taskmaster Challenge
Week 5
w/b 4th May - VE Day 75th Anniversary
A huge well done to all of you who took part in the 'VE Day 75th Anniversary' Taskmaster Challenge last week!  It was fantastic to see so many of you baking, sewing, bunting-making, poster-drawing and much more!  I hope you all enjoyed finding out about VE Day with your family - well done!
Please see the photos below for some of the brilliant work that was shared with us.  All entries will earn a 'Taskmaster' certificate when we return to school.
The overall 'winner' for this week was Minty (Y1) who researched and baked a 1940s recipe for Condensed Milk Cake that was first published in The Ministry of Food leaflet 21, "Making the Most of Sugar". Great work!
Taskmaster Challenge
Week 4
w/b 27th April - The Game of Chess

The ‘Chess Piece’ Taskmaster Challenge was perhaps the most tricky so far but that did not stop some fantastic ideas.  All of the entries are pictured below – well done to everyone who took part!

The ‘Taskmaster Rule Book’ has been torn up and all nine entrants have been declared joint winners this week – the creativity was amazing!  Have a look below at chess sets made from different foods, inspired by football, school superheroes, lego, 3D printing and more!  Great work ESJ!

Our winners are…

Laurie (Y3)

Fiona (Y2)

Lucy (Y4)

Thomas (Y6) + Elizabeth (Y4)

Enid (Y1) + Griffin (Y1)

Ali (Y3)

Bethan (Y3)

Noah (Y3)

Taskmaster Challenge - Week 3
w/b 20th April - 'Super-Sized Objects'
Another week of amazing entries into the 'Taskmaster' challenge.  There were so many brilliant 'super-sized' entries - take a look below at just some of them!
This week, there were two 'joint' overall winners...
- Evie'Jean's (Y1) amazing use of the 'forced perspective' photography technique
- Jessica (Y2) and Lucy's (Y1) super-sized information book about their guinea pigs
Well done to all our entrants though, each of whom will receive a special 'Taskmaster Certificate' once we return to school.  Some fo the best are included below for you to see and admire!
You have blown us away again with your creativity - well done!
Week 2
w/b 30th March - 'Posh Bear'
Thank you to everyone who entered the 'Taskmaster' challenge in the week before the Easter break!
Posh Bear is certainly going to be looking more 'Deputy-Head-like' than ever with all of the amazing offices, equipment, clothes and accessories that you designed for him.  Take a look through just some of the fantastic entries below.  
Our weekly 'winner' for this challenge was Bethan from Year 3 who designed and built an amazing office work centre for Posh Bear.  Well done Bethan!  The photos below show just how creative Bethan was - all the work her own (supervised by an adult for safety and guidance!).  Posh Bear is looking forward to visiting you in your classroom when we return to school in the future.
Well done to everyone who entered - certificates will be awarded to you when we are back at school together.
Taskmaster Challenge
Week 1:
w/b 23rd March - Lego Build
A massive well done and thank you to everyone who took part in the Taskmaster Challenge to design part or all of Ely St. John's School out of lego!
There were so many great constructions with amazing creativity and accuracy - we've been blown away by your talents!
Please do scroll down the page to see just some of the fantastic entries.
Everyone who entered will receive a limited edition ESJ 'Taskmaster Challenge' certificate once we are all back at school.
It was really hard to chose a 'winner' - but 1st Prize goes to a team effort from Lewis (Y6) and Bella (Y4) for their design below of the whole school site!
Lewis and Bella win two Fridays worth of guaranteed entry to our school Friday lunch-time 'Lego Construction Club' with Mr. Killick (the club is normally invitation only as it's so popular!) when we're back at school.
Well done again everybody!