Y3 Art and Design

Essential objectives: To develop ideas.
  • Develop ideas from starting points throughout the curriculum,
  • Collect information, sketches and resources,-
  • Adapt and refine ideas as they progress,-
  • Explore ideas in a variety of ways,
  • Comment on artworks using visual language.
Essential objectives: To master techniques.
Techniques and Skills
  • Use different hardnesses of pencils to show line, tone and texture,
  • Sketch lightly (no need to use a rubber to correct mistakes).
  • Mix colours effectively,
  • Use watercolour paint to produce washes for backgrounds then add detail.
  • Select and arrange materials for a striking effect,
  • Ensure work is precise.
  • Create and combine shapes to create recognisable forms (e.g. shapes made from nets or solid materials),
  • Use clay and other mouldable materials.
  • Use layers of two or more colours,
  • Replicate patterns observed in natural or built environments.
  • Shape and stitch materials,
  • Use basic cross stitch and back stitch,
  • Create weavings.
Digital Media
  • Create images, video and sound recordings and explain why they were created.
Essential objectives: To take inspiration from the greats (classic and modern).
  • Replicate some of the techniques used by notable artists, artisans and designers.
Art and Design Medium Term Plans 2021-2022
Autumn Term 
Spring Term
Summer Term