Y4 History


Roman Empire and impact on Britain:

-Julius Caesar’s attempted invasion

-Roman Empire and successful invasion

-British resistance

-Romanisation of Britain


Ancient Greece

- Democracy in Athens

- The geography of Ancient Greece including city-states

- The differences between Athens and Sparta

- The Greek origins of the modern Olympics

- Greek gods and goddesses 


To investigate and interpret the past
  • Use evidence to ask questions and find answers to questions about the past.
  • Suggest suitable sources of evidence for historical enquiries.
  • Use more than one source of evidence for historical enquiry in order to gain a more accurate understanding of history.
To understand chronology
  • Place events, artefacts and historical figures on a timeline using dates.
  • Understand the concept of change over time, representing this, along with evidence, on a timeline.
  • Use dates and terms to describe events.
To build an overview of world history
  • Describe changes that have happened in the locality of the school throughout history.
  • Give a broad overview of life in Britain
  • Compare some of the times studied with those of other areas of interest around the world.
To communicate historically
  • Show an understanding of concepts such as monarch, parliament, war and peace.
  • Use appropriate historical vocabulary to communicate, including:
    • dates
    • time period
    • change
    • chronology