1.Design, Code, Test and Debug
• I can explore different object types in 2Code.
•I can use a background and objects to create a scene.
• I can plan an algorithm for their scene and use 2Code to program it.
2. IF Statements
• I can create a program that includes an IF statement.
3. Co-ordinates
• I can make use of the X and Y properties of objects in their coding. • Children can create a program that includes an IF statement.
4. Repeat Until and IF/ELSE Statements
• I can read code that includes repeat until and IF/ ELSE and explain how it works.
5. Number Variables
• I can explain what a variable is in programming.
• I can create and use variables when programming a game.
Online Safety 
Going Phishing
• I know that security symbols such as a padlock protect their identity online.
• I know the meaning of the term ‘phishing’ and are aware of the existence of scam websites.
2 Beware Malware
• I can identify possible risks of installing free and paid for software.
• I know that malware is software that is specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain access to a computer.
• I know what a computer virus is.
3 Plagiarism
• I can determine whether activities that they undertake online, infringe another’s’ copyright. They know the difference between researching and using information and copying it
 4 Healthy Screen-Time
• I can take more informed ownership of the way that they choose to use their free time.
• I can give reasons for limiting screen time
1. Animating an Object
• I can understand animation frames.
• I can make a simple animation using 2Animate.
2 2Animate Tools
• I know what the Onion Skin tool does in animation.
• I can use the Onion Skin tool to create an animated image.
• I can use backgrounds and sounds to make more complex and imaginative animations.
3 Stop Motion Animation
• I know what ‘stop motion’ animation is and how it is created.
• I can use ideas from existing ‘stop motion’ films to recreate my own animation.
• I can have share my animations and comment on other’s work using display boards and blogs in Purple Mash.