Year 1 Blog 2020-2021

Sports Day was great fun! The children took part in a sack race, obstacle courses, running challenges, egg and spoon race and they truly deserved an ice pop at the end of it all. 
Successful day at the farm! Children had lots of fun. 
Year 1 have been enjoying building dens in the Spinney on their Knight adventures.
This week children enjoyed designing their fruit swords, making them then eating them all up. We are also happy to hear that children enjoy learning about castles and have seen some great labelling the parts of castles. 
On Friday 12th of February we enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year. We designed and built Dragon head dresses and performed dances together. 
We have had a busy half term in school and at home. Thank you for all the lovely photos that were sent in about children working. In school we worked hard with partitioning two digit numbers, we celebrated Chinese New Year by making a dragon and performing a dragon dance. On a cold day we had some hot chocolate to warm us up. 
Year One are Scientists!
There has so much great science work happening at home, thank you for sending it in.  Well done everyone! 
We are so happy to see photos of children working at home. We really miss everyone being back in our class. 
Wow Year 1! This week you have amazed us with your brilliant stories based on Let's Find Fred. We loved reading the unique ideas where Fred went: beach, football match, woods, school and many other interesting places. All of you used some adjectives and conjunctions in your sentences and you are brilliant with finger spaces. 
Next steps: Keep remembering capital letters at the start of your sentences and try to write on lined paper, starting from the very left, going to the right using up all of the room on the page. 
As well as reading your stories, we enjoyed looking at photos of children doing the science experiment, keeping active with Joe Wicks or doing a Cosmic Kids yoga, we liked your shape work and we have seen some great Geography and RE work. 
Keep up the good work, we are very proud of you. 
We have enjoyed looking at your fabulous work that you do at home. We have seen some great art creations, brilliant measuring using a ruler or tape and amazing writing. In your writing you have used some interesting adjectives and most of you have had a go at writing sentences with conjunctions. 
Next step: please remember to stay within the lines when you write and pay attention to your letter sizes. Tall letters need to go up to the top of the line and small letters start from the middle of the line, touching the bottom. 
Thank you for all your hard work, we really miss you!
We are delighted to present our Year 1 Christmas Production.
Please follow the link below to watch our performance.
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Our Christmas party and activity morning was a great success. 
Children from both Year 1 classes enjoyed designing and making a habitat for a woodland animal. 
Children in Need Day fun!!
Year I are enjoying our new topic: Into the Woods. This week we have built pretend fires as well as trying toasted marshmallows on a real fire. 
Take a look at our lovely portraits made with natural objects. We enjoyed playing bingo, ordering numbers and matching numbers to the words. We loved designing and making our superhero capes. 
Another busy week in Year 1. We made superhero masks, painted our clay models, drew around our shapes and created more superheroes. In maths we were busy ordering numbers from smallest to greatest. 
We are enjoying the lovely weather and this week we have spent a lot of time outdoors. We looked at the colours of the trees and leaves, went on a discovery walk and used our senses to identify different sounds, smells, tastes, etc. Children loved making an object that is related to Ely and they used clay. Next week we will paint these items. 
The first week in Year 1 has been really busy. Children enjoyed counting, adding up different amounts of numbers, writing rhymes, playing with their friends and spending time outside.