Year 1 Remote Learning Page WB 1-2-21

Dear parents,

Thank you for returning the writing work about bears.  Children took their time to research; we really enjoyed looking at the information pages and have responded to your emails with individual feedback.

We have added some photos to the Year 1 blog. Take a look at them! 


Throughout the week we try and add stories for the children to watch.  Have a snack and a story just like we do at school.

Focused Homework

This week we would like you to return the science task. This work needs to be returned by Sunday 7th of February via the Year 1 email:


Children's Mental Health Week

This week is Children's Mental Health Week, something that is especially relevant at this time  Please take some time to watch the assembly by Mrs Turner and to reflect on mental health.  There are some suggested activities below in the 'Children's Mental Health Week' section.  To give extra time for this, we have paused a couple of 'topic' subjects, just as we would in school.  Please send photos in so we can add them to the blog.


We are currently calling families to check everything is OK.  The number may be a 'withheld number'. It takes a while to get through the list of children working form home, but we are trying our best to call you as soon as possible.

Thank you for all your hard work. We understand that home learning can be challenging, please get in touch if you need any support or advice.  We miss all of the children at school and can't wait to have them altogether again.

Best wishes

Year 1 Team


Home learning for the week beginning 1/2/21 is below.

Please try and complete: 

Daily: CLIC, Phonics, Reading, Literacy and Maths
Weekly: Science and some topic/Children's Mental Health Week activities.
This week in maths we will be talking about position (a place where something or someone is put) and direction (the course where something or someone moves). Key vocabulary will include: left, right, forwards, backwards, next to, above, below, between, under, beside, in front of, on top of, quarter turn and half turn. 
For the remaining two weeks of this half term, we would like you to practise counting with your children on a daily basis. Please revisit all the number bonds of 10 so children are secure with this learning as well as teaching/revisiting the following learn its: 2+5=7, 2+6=8 and 2+7=9
Please create as many fact families as possible:
(see video about fact families from week beginning 25.1.20201)
This week we are focusing our learning on verbs. Verbs are action words such as: clap, sing, jog, sleep, smile, etc. The weekly tasks will include recognising verbs in familiar texts, writing sentences with verbs, describing your day using personal pronoun I and using verbs as well as trying to get familiar with the rules of putting verbs in past tense. 
Follow the link to watch Mrs. Ban explain four simple rules of past tense verbs. We will use phonicsplay to help us: 
Children might find these rules hard to remember; please don't worry as we will keep practising lots. At this stage we would like children to recognise some verbs in past tense and have a go at writing some using -ed ending. 
This week we would like you to pay extra attention to your handwriting. In the video below, you will find 5 words we would like you to practise writing correctly, focusing on tall letters and letters that are dropping below the line. Write each word a few times then have a go at writing a sentence with each word. (there is one word for each day of the working week)
We would like children to read everyday. 
This can be books from:
It has a great selection of reading books following the school colour bands.  If you are unsure what band your child is on, please email and we will get back to you.
It can also be books that you have on your bookshelf at home.  Some families have been encouraging older siblings to read to younger siblings and vice versa and zoom story times with relatives.  It doesn't always have to be reading to a parent.
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We are starting to learn about Chinese New Year.  Watch the short video about Chinese New Year.  If children are born before February 19th 2015, they are the year of the horse. After February 19th 2014 they are the year of the goat/sheep.

When the children have watched the clip, they can draw a picture of their zodiac animal and write a sentence.  If they want to find out more about their zodiac animal then add that too.

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Science activity
Over the next two weeks we are going to design and make a toy aeroplane for Paddington. We will experiment with different types of material - foil, thin card, card board, tissue paper and paper.
Week 1 - We will think about the properties of a material that are necessary for a toy aeroplane - lightness, strength and flexibility.
Week 2 - We will build our toy aeroplanes from the range of materials and see which fly most efficiently.
Lots of fun!
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Children's Mental Health Week
From 1-7 February 2021, we’re taking part in Place2Be’s Children’s Mental Health Week. This year’s theme is 'Express Yourself'. Place2Be has created activities and resources to help children (and adults) to explore the different ways that they can share their thoughts, feelings and ideas.  Here are some activity ideas to get you started.
Children's Mental Health Week Assembly by Mrs Turner
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Colour in the three puzzle pieces below using a different colour for each.

Every day choose an activity from each box or one of your own.

Once you have completed an activity, colour in one piece with the same number and colour on your smiley face puzzle.


This page contains ten new Super Mood Movers videos, created in partnership with Children in Need and the Premier League, to enhance wellbeing with catchy songs and easy-to-follow dance routines.

Two videos with different activities: The Squiggle Game and Draw Your Feelings and some mindfulness colouring.
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