Year 1 Remote Learning Page WB 1-3-21

Well, we are at the end of our home schooling journey!  We are all looking forward to having the children back in school next week, we have missed them and we know that they have missed being in school with their friends.
We have looked through the remote learning books that have come into school and we are so impressed with the work that has been done at home.  We know that it has been a really difficult time for children and families and we really appreciate all that you have done to support your children.

Focused Homework

We would love this week to be a celebration of what has been achieved. This week we would like you to send us one piece of work/photo of something that your child has been really proud of, or enjoyed and worked hard at it.  It could be from any subject area, it could be something from the work given from us or something that you have planned for them and it can be from any time over the remote learning period.  

Please email this to us by Sunday 7th of March via the Year 1 email:



Story timeEnjoy a story from the Year 1 team.

Assembly: Please take some time to watch the assemblies from Mr Henson and Miss Bassett.


Below you will find the planning for the week beginning 1.3.2021.


This week we would like you to try and complete the following activities: 
Daily: Literacy, maths, phonics, clic and reading
Weekly: Science, history and some other curriculum activities (DT, ICT, outdoor learning, music)
This week we will be celebrating World Book Day with virtual resources on the school website with some optional activities. 
We will hand out the book tokens once all children are back at school. Should you wish to celebrate World Book Day at home by dressing up as your favourite character, please send us a photo of you and your favourite book. 
This week in Literacy we will be looking at different fairy tales. Each fairy tale starts usually with "Once upon a time," it usually has magic and magical characters (good and bad) and it ends with "They all lived happily ever after". 
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This week in Maths we will be looking at numbers up to 50. We will count backwards and forwards within 50, we will be ordering numbers and learning about one less/one more. Take a look at the White Rose Maths videos as part of main teaching and complete the worksheets. 
This week we are learning about The coat of arms on a knights shield.  There is a video to watch and a PowerPoint with some more information about the task.
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Here is another way of making a shield
Beekeeping was a very important job in castles because honey could be used to sweeten food, to keep food fresher for longer and as a medicine.

This week we would like to design and make a honey sandwich. (If your child doesn't like honey, then pick a different filling)

Design: What type of bread will you use?  Will you have butter as well?  Can you use a cookie cutter to make your sandwich a different shape? 

Make: Children should spread butter and honey.

Evaluate: Was it nice?  Would you make it again?  Would you change anything?

This half term we are learning about Easter.
We would like you to think about how your family celebrates Easter.  Draw a picture and write a sentence to show how you celebrate Easter.
Have a go at singing this spring chicken song or enjoy learning an Easter song. 
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Outdoor learning:
Within the castle walls there lived many different people with important jobs.
This week we would like you to pretend to be some of the characters living in a castle and role play acting out their jobs.
Jester: was in charge of entertaining. Pretend to make up a funny show and perform it in the garden. 
Cook: was in charge of cooking delicious food. Cook or bake something that you like, or make a mud pie in the garden. You could even use leaves as slices of meat and serve up a delicious feast. 
Blacksmith: was making horse shoes.
Fletcher: pretend to make arrows for the soldiers. 
Thatcher: collect sticks or straw and pretend to build a roof. 
Knight: pretend to joust on your horse. 
You could even dress up as a prince, princess, knight or king and queen.
Purplemash: 2dos tab
Design and colour a crown.  There are two designs to choose from.
Eric the Knight has asked us to test the strength of materials so that he can decide which to use to make a shield for battle.
We are going to test: paper, foil, cardboard, fabric, metal, wood and thick plastic.
Hopefully you can find these materials around the home e.g. wood - bread board  metal - baking tray.
Place the materials balancing between two chairs. Add weights to the surface of the material. These could be kitchen weights ( measuring in grams) or tins of food or wooden blocks. How much weight can the material hold before it collapses?
Safety point - Keep feet and fingers away from falling materials.
Some materials will be very strong and hard and not collapse.
Record the results of the test on the attached worksheet. Explain in sentences what you have found out.
I wonder which material will be the best choice for Eric to make his shield?
Enjoy testing!