Year 1 Remote Learning Page WB 18-1-21

Dear parents,

Below please find attached the plans for the Year 1 Remote Learning provision; week beginning the 18th of January 2021.

This week we would like you to return your child's competed Literacy work. We look forward to reading their independent retelling of the story of Let's Find Fred. This work needs to be returned by Sunday 24th of January via the Year 1 email:

We will give general feedback on the Year 1 blog and may respond individually if appropriate. 

Mrs Ban has read a story for the children this week, we hope they enjoy listening to it!

Please try and complete the following:

Daily: Literacy, Numeracy, Phonics, CLIC, Reading and one Topic subject. 

In addition to the activities listed in the plans please continue to read with your child on a daily basis. 

In year one children spend time learning through a mixture of focused learning activities and through independent play.  Focused activities last between 20 and 30 minutes and can be broken up by independent play based activities.   Play based activities can develop fine and gross motor skills, investigative and problem solving skills, creativity and imagination and many other areas.  Here are some ideas that we are using in the classroom over the next couple of weeks. You do not need to follow these ideas but we often give children breaks between the activities (we do let them play) and these are some of the things we do in class. 

  1. Using any construction toys at home, can you build a bear or a bear cave?
  2. Have a teddy bears picnic.  Can you make a picnic using playdough?  Make invitations and birthday cards. (This is a great recipe for playdough
  3. Practice forming letters, writing tricky words and drawing pictures.  This can be done in a tray of flour, water and a paintbrush in the garden, chalk, paint, felt pens…
  4. Can you make a bear cave den that will fit you inside?  You could read some stories to your own bears and soft toys.
  5. Threading, colouring, junk modelling, building, imaginative play.

Please take pictures of the different things you do so we can add them to the blog!

Thank you for all your hard work,

Year 1 Team


Maths: This week in Maths we will be learning about 3D and 2D shapes.
Each session starts with a little recap and warm up activity.
Top tip to remember: 2D shapes are flat, 3D shapes are not flat. Try and remember the names of different shapes. We hope you enjoy the online teaching videos from White Rose Maths each day. Every day (Monday-Friday) we would like you to learn along the interactive video then complete the worksheet. The worksheet does not to be printed off, children can say the answers looking at the screen. 
CLIC: This week Mrs. Ban has worked along the children in school to record a CLIC session. The purpose of the session is to give parents an idea of how we teach CLIC in school. We work off the same plan for three weeks, then change. Please change the numbers when you count and calculate each day, so the children get more and more confident working with different numbers. 
Please click on the following link to access the video:
Panda Bear, Panda Bear, what do you see? 
Story read by Mrs. Ban: 
Literacy This week children will be re-writing the story: Let's Find Fred. Please allow them to be as independent as possible. During the BIG WRITE (this week) in school, the children do not receive writing support from us. This way we can see how they can apply independently the knowledge that they learned. We would like to see capital letters, finger spaces, full stops, adjectives and conjunctions in their writing. Before each session, please talk to your child about what they will write, give them some ideas then let them surprise you!
Please return the finished story to our email address so we can mark it and give feedback. 

Literacy – Tuesday Lesson 2:


Literacy – Wednesday Lesson 3:


Literacy – Thursday Lesson 4:



LO: I know some facts about the four different countries within the UK.


Watch the live lesson with Miss Browne.  These videos can whizz on, so may need pausing at times.

There is a sheet to complete during the session. 



LO: I know that a birthday is a celebration of birth and I can talk about how I celebrate my birthday.


Watch the PowerPoint below.  In your books, draw a picture showing how you celebrate birthdays in your family.  Write a sentence to go with it.  Remember to use good year 1 writing!


LO: I can identify and investigate different properties.

This week we are doing a science experiment to find out which materials are waterproof.  The instructions are in the PowerPoint below and should talk you through the experiment.  There is a table to print out to record the results on.


This week we are having another go at 2go on Purple Mash.  On the start screen, press the challenges button.  See how many challenges you can complete. 


LO: I can print using a repeating pattern.This week we are looking at printing and repeating patterns.  There are different ways you can do this at home.  Here a few ideas though feel free to be as creative as you wish to be!

  1. Children can make their own stamper.  This website has lots of good ideas:
  2.        Children can find things around the house they can use as a stamper to print with.  They could make a shape out of the bottom of a cardboard tube, use a vegetable like a potato, leaves or the end of a bunch of celery make a lovely flower!

Using the stamp, they can then fill a piece of paper with a repeating pattern.  It could repeat using colours, direction of stamp, number of stamps…


LO: To create simple melodies.

A task has been set on the purplemash 2do tab.  This week, just have a play around with the program and see what it does.  If you’re not sure how to get started, press the green arrow and it will show an instruction video.


It can be hard to keep active when we are at home. Here are some websites that may be helpful and fun to do!

Go Noodle:

This is free to join and lots of different dances to join in with. 

Cosmic kids yoga:

This is available on You Tube. The stories are various different lengths.  We have done this in school and the children really enjoy it. 

Joe Wickes is back!

He is live on his You Tube channel at 9am Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

Celebrity Supply teacher

The BBC has a series called the celebrity supply teacher.  Amongst other people, Marcus Rashford has an episode as the PE supply teacher with a stretching and warm up routine.          

Oti Mabuse dance class

If you love Strictly Come Dancing, Oti Mabuse and her dance friends have made some fabulous dance classes for children to follow.  Here is a link to her main page.