Year 1 Remote Learning Page WB 22-2-21

Welcome back,

We hope you managed to have a relaxing half term break.  Thank you for sending in the remote learning books.  We are looking forward to seeing the work that has been happening at home. 

Our topic this half term is Castles.  We will be learning about the parts of a castle, the people who lived in castles and how castles have changed in history.  In DT, we will be making fruit swords, sandwiches and junk model castles.  In English we will be reading lots of stories featuring castles and fairy tales. In science we will be doing more experiments. We hope you enjoy finding out about castles at home!

Thank you for returning the Big Write at the end of last half term.  It was great to see them and we can see how much hard work the children (and parents!) have been doing at home.  We have emailed individual feedback to you.  

Over the next couple of weeks we would like children to give an extra focus on handwriting.  Please encourage children to start and finish letters in the correct place, to place letters correctly on the line and think about the size of letters.

Focused Homework

This week we would like you to return the completed history workThis work needs to be returned by Sunday 28th of February via the Year 1 email:

Story time: Enjoy a story from the Year 1 team.

Assembly: Please take some time to watch the assemblies from Mr Henson and Miss Bassett.


Below you will find the planning for the week beginning 22.2.2021.


This week we would like you to try and complete the following activities: 

Daily: Literacy, maths, phonics, clic and reading
Weekly: Science, history and some other curriculum activities (DT, ICT, outdoor learning, music)
This week in maths we will be focusing on taking away. The vocabulary related to take away is: less, smaller, backwards, little, minus and subtraction. We would like children to practise counting backwards and solving word problems related to subtraction. When we work with word problems, we need to identify the numbers that are within the text. Please use number lines, counting objects, ten frames or any other resources to help children work out subtractions. 
This week we have a new addition fact that we need to learn. (A new learn it)
I hope you enjoy doing Clic this week with Mrs. Ban. Throughout the week we would like you to practise building different fact families (3+2=5, 2+3=5, 5-3=2, 5-2=3) and partition different two digit numbers. (you can draw your own part-whole model and break down the numbers into tens and ones such as 67=60 and 7)
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This half term our topic will be CASTLES. This week we would like children to tell us what they know about castles and what they would like to find out about castles. Towards the end of the week in Literacy we will be talking about fairy tales and their features. Look out for some fairy tales read by teachers in the Story Time section. 
If parents found the videos from DfE useful, please continue to use them. The links are attached in a separate document. 
This week Mrs. Ban has created a power point about this week's phonics sounds. Children can read some words with digraphs already learnt, they need to collect words with alternative spellings for the same sound and they should have a go at writing a simple sentence using the words that we collected and never forgetting about a capital letter and a full stop. 
In Science this week we are linking our learning to the topic of Castles.
Eric the Knight needs a new shield to use in battle but he is unsure about which material to use to make the shield. He needs our help to test different materials to identify the most effective choice for a shield.
We will be carrying out this investigation over the next 2 weeks.
Week 1 - We will observe different materials to identify their properties - foil, paper, fabric, metal ( baking tray), wood ( bread board) and thick plastic ( cutting board).We will describe the different properties by carefully using our sense of sight and touch. A worksheet is attached to record descriptions of each material. Hopefully the children will identify strength as being essential for a shield to be effective.
Week 2 - We will test the materials to identify which of them is strong enough to make a shield.
Extra challenge - design a shield for Eric to use in battle. Label the shield with the properties of the material you decide to use.
Our focus this half term is 'Castles'.  This week we are going to find out about the different parts of a castle.  Watch the video and then complete the sheet and label the parts of the castle or make a castle/parts of the castle using construction toys and label.  
This week we would like children to design and make a fruit sword (a fruit kebab with a different name!)  You will need some fruit and a kebab stick.
1) Show your child the fruit that they could use for a fruit sword.  It could be strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, melon, banana...)  
2)In the yellow books draw a design for a fruit sword and label the design.
3)Make and eat the fruit sword.
4) Write an evaluation.  This could be 'My fruit sword was lovely but I would use more strawberries next time'. 
There are 2 jobs that have been put under the '2Dos' tab.  You can do a castle or a palace- you don't have to do both.  Think about what your castle or palace is going to be made of.  Will it have plants growing up the walls? Will the door be made of something different to the walls?
Before half term the children at school enjoyed playing 'Bond bubbles'.  If you want to have a go at home, please do.
Listen and learn the song, 'In the Hairy Scary Castle'.
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Outdoor learning:
This week we would like children to make a magic potion. They will need a bowl, water and some magical items. They can add some grass, flower petals, leaves, sticks, food colouring, glitter, etc. Mutter a magic spell such as abracadabra or anything else that they might like to say. Then write down what would happen if somebody touched the magic potion. (My magic potion can turn somebody into frogs, or My magic potion can turn you invisible, etc)
Learning through play (This will stay here for the next few  weeks.  You can do some or none!)
-Build a castle using construction toys such as Lego, building blocks etc)
-Make a castle feast.  You could use playdough, toy food, draw on paper
-draw pictures of castles from story books.  Who lived in them?
-Play knights.  You could rescue some soft toys, fight or save a dragon.
-Have a hunt through your toys, can you make a castle role play?  You may have some princesses, some knights, some kings or queens.
-Read some stories with castles, dragons or knights in.
-Practice writing letters on big paper with felt pens/pencils/paints or you could use water or chalk in the garden.
-Roll a dice (you can get a dice app for a phone) add two or three numbers together. 
-Go Jetters- Find out about different parts of the world.
-Maddie's do you know?  Find out how things work or are made.
-Alphablocks or Numberblocks