Year 1 Remote Learning Page WB 25-1-21

Dear parents,

Thank you for returning the big write work about Fred's adventures.  We really enjoyed reading them and have responded to your emails with individual feedback.

*New* There is a new storytime section to the year one pages.  It has some stories read by the year one team and you can even meet Mrs Ban's chickens.


Below, please find attached the plans for the Year 1 Remote Learning provision; week beginning the 25th of January 2021.

This week we would like you to return a piece of writing work about a bear. In previous weeks we have set children tasks to make an information page about a panda bear, polar bear and this week a spectacled bear. Please send in one of them.

This work needs to be returned by Sunday 31st of January via the Year 1 email:


Please try and complete the following:

Daily: Literacy, Numeracy, Phonics, CLIC and one Topic subject. 

In addition to the activities listed in the plans please continue to read with your child on a daily basis. 


Thank you for all your hard work,

Year 1 Team

This week in maths we will be looking at the properties of 3D and 2D shapes. 
3D shapes have: vertices (corners), edges (the long lines) and faces (the smooth parts). 
2D shapes have: vertices (corners) and sides (the long line)
You will have two videos to watch from the oak academy website. Once you have watched the videos, you can go back to the start of the lesson to complete the quiz. 
During this week's CLIC lesson we revisit all the number bonds of 10 and the learn it's that we have learned in the past three weeks. 
Please keep counting with your children as often as possible and if they are not secure with the number bonds yet, try to practise them daily.
Challenge: This week there will be a separate video about fact families:
Can the children build fact families using different numbers? 
This week we are starting to focus on a new book called: The Rainbow Bear.
There is a video of the story read by Mrs. Ban as well as power point slides of each page of the book.


This week we are focusing on materials and their properties.


The focus this week is on the modes of transport used in London.

Follow the online lesson by Miss Browne from Oak Academy.  She will give you the task: draw some of the modes of transport used in London.  This can be completed in the remote learning books. Do not do the quiz, as we did not do the previous lesson.


In ICT we are using purplemash and learning to read and respond to emails.  There is a help sheet below. As we are starting to focus on emailing, please read the Acceptable Use Policy with your child.


This week’s celebration is New Year.  This will prepare the children for learning about Chinese New Year next week.


Over the next few weeks, explore different drawing tutorials online.  Some I have used on YouTube are:

Disney animators

Art for kids hub

Let us know if you find any more and we can share the links on here next week. 


Over the next few weeks, listen to different types of music.  Ask different people in your family what their favourite song/piece of music is and have a listen.  Does it make you dance? Does it make your feel happy/sad?  Does it remind you of anything?  You can just enjoy the music, or draw a picture of what it makes you think of or write a sentence.  It's up to you!

Outdoor learning

On your walk or in your garden have a close look and see if you can find any animal footprints.  Can you guess what animal they are from?

Independent activity ideas: 

  1. Using any construction toys at home, can you build a bear or a bear cave?
  2. Have a teddy bears picnic.  Can you make a picnic using playdough?  Make invitations and birthday cards. (This is a great recipe for playdough
  3. Practice forming letters, writing tricky words and drawing pictures.  This can be done in a tray of flour, water and a paintbrush in the garden, chalk, paint, felt pens…
  4. Can you make a bear cave den that will fit you inside?  You could read some stories to your own bears and soft toys.
  5. Threading, colouring, junk modelling, building, imaginative play.

Please take pictures of the different things you do so we can add them to the blog!


It can be hard to keep active when we are at home. Here are some websites that may be helpful and fun to do!

Go Noodle:

This is free to join and lots of different dances to join in with.

Cosmic kids yoga:

This is available on You Tube. The stories are various different lengths.  We have done this in school and the children really enjoy it.

Joe Wickes is back!

He is live on his You Tube channel at 9am Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Oti’s Boogie Beebies

If you love Strictly Come Dancing, Oti Mabuse has some short dance lessons on cbeebies.