Year 2 Blog 2020-21

Diwali Activity Morning
A couple of weeks ago, Year 2 learned all about Diwali - the Festival of Lights. We learned about all of the different ways that people celebrate and we learned the story of Rama and Sita. We did lots of fun things on our activity morning, including;
- Biscuit decorating,
- Firework pictures,
- Diwali cards,
- Dressing up,
- Making puppets, 
- Watching the story on laptops, 
- Making Diva lamps out of clay,
- Rangoli patterns. 
The children had a super time and learned a lot!
Bread making
22nd-23rd October
To coincide with Harvest, the children finished this half term by making their own bread. In small groups, the children measured out the ingredients themselves and kneaded their dough. The children were impressed with how much the bread had risen after it had spent time proofing. The finished results were great and from what we heard, tasted good too!
Flanimals and their Habitats
The children have had a fantastic time designing and making their Flanimal puppets and their habitats. This week we are writing fact files about them. 
2nd October
The children are finding more out about living things in their habitats. This week, the children have started to learn about where worms live and why they are so important to the environment. To support their learning, the children went searching for worms to go in the year 2 wormeries. We only needed a few worms so we brought just a few back and left the rest in their natural habitat. We will be returning the worms at the end of half term.
The children were very careful collecting fallen leaves and different soils to go into the wormery to make it an interesting temporary habitat. As you can see in the photo gallery below, the children were really careful adding in the different elements into the wormery.
Flanimal habitats
The children have been basing lots of their English learning on the book Flanimals by Ricky Gervais. Recently, the children have designed and made their own flanimals. This week, the children designed and then made the habitat for their flanimals. As you can see, the children had great fun making these!
Our Maths Learning
We have been working very hard on our numbers to 100.
We have been representing numbers in different ways, including using bead strings and placing numbers along a blank number line. 
All About Me boxes
We are really enjoying listening to the children presenting the boxes they have put together. They are projecting their voices well and showing a lot of confidence when talking about the things that mean a lot to them. Here are some of the children with their boxes. 


Living things in their habitats

18th September 2020


Children went to explore habitats out in the school grounds. They had the challenge of using clues to find where certain habitats might have been. See the pictures below of the habitat hunt - the children found a variety of interesting habitats and other things.

Wednesday 9th September
Miss Jordan's Class worked with Mrs Thompson to make these lovely Fairy Gardens for the Tooth Fairy to visit! 
They used all natural materials and were extremely creative! They also showed excellent team working skills!
7th - 11th September 2020
What a great start back we have had with the children in year 2! They have come back to school enthusiastic and excited to learn new things.
Year 2 have been busy brushing up on their painting skills! Take a look at the gallery below to see the detailed self-portraits the children have painted.