Year 2 Blog 2021-2022

Brilliant Botanists
This afternoon we took our learning outside and ventured into the nature garden to become botanists. We spent some time sketching the plants, and then labelled our sketches using the scientific names for the different parts of plants. 
Scientists and Inventors
This afternoon, Year 2 began their new science unit-Scientists and Inventors. First of all, we recapped on what plants need in order to grow well. Then we chatted about greenhouses and biomes, and what they look like and are used for. We then spoke about 'The Eden Project' and its huge biomes. Finally, we followed a set of instructions to build our own greenhouses. 
It has been a rather busy afternoon!
This afternoon, Year 2 added to their painted background. They used black sugar paper and light colouring crayons to draw Tudor buildings. They drew buildings of various sizes, to create depth to their collage. We chatted about creating a cityscape with a back-ground, mid-ground and fore-ground.
Jubilee Celebration
Year 2 spent some of their morning getting ready for tomorrow's Jubilee celebration party. They wrote an invitation and created some bunting, ready for the special afternoon.
National outdoor learning day!
We spent a little time out in the allotment and cooked flat bread. It was delicious. 
Fire Pit
London's burning, London's burning.
Fetch the engines, fetch the engines.
Fire fire, Fire fire!
Pour on water, pour on water.
Today, Year 2 created backdrops for their 'Great Fire of London' paintings. They were tasked with only using the same five colours, LS Lowry, used in his paintings- red, yellow, blue, black and white. 
We have taken part in a skipping challenge! The children are getting better and better and they love this form of exercise. 
Today Mrs Thompson and Mr Henson's class began their art unit on LS Lowry. Mrs Thompson introduced LS Lowry and some of his art work. The children then worked in pairs, where they had to imagine that they were inside one of Lowry's paintings. They had to think about what they could see, hear, how they felt, what they were doing, things they liked and disliked about the paintings. 
We have measured items in the classroom using rulers and metre sticks. Some items were less than a metre and some were more. 
Happy World Book Day everyone!
Thank your for your support with the fabulous costumes. The children had a lovely day sharing their favourite books, reading, writing about books, listening to books and taking part in many more interesting activities.
Children in Year 2 enjoyed learning new songs during music assembly. This was one of their favourites. 
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We have been sharing a book called 'One Plastic Bag' by Miranda Paul. The book is based on a true story about Isatou Ceesay - a woman from Gambia, who saw the problems caused by waste plastic in her local area. She decided to clear it up and make new bags out of the recycled plastic. We made our own bags out of old carrier bags, just like the women in the story!
So far in the new year, children in Year 2 enjoyed drawing and painting pictures following Quentin Blake's style. They have produced some wonderful replicas. 
We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 
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Happy Diwali!
The children loved learning about Diwali and the story of Rama and Sita this week. Both classes have acted out the story. On Friday we had an activity session when children decorated Rangoli patterns, they printed on large pieces of paper, they looked at Indian artefacts, they made firework pictures and dressed up.  
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This half term in Music we learned to play a simple tune on the Glockenspiel. Children did amazingly well but videoing the whole class was rather noisy. Here is just one clip of some children practising in a more quieter environment. We hope you enjoy watching it. 
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Bread making was a huge success! 
Take a look at these photos and see the concentration on children's faces. :)
They all did a wonderful job. Unfortunately our ovens were not that great, some bread was slightly over baked but I do hope it tasted good. 
Year 2 enjoyed designing their bread, measuring water and sand as well as shaping and kneading play dough. We can't wait until we can weigh flour, water, yeast, sugar and salt and properly knead our bread dough next week. 
We practised playing the glockenspiel during our music lessons and we are getting so good at it. 
In RE we were learning about Holy Communion and Shabbat. Children enjoyed trying bread and red grape juice. 
Children have really enjoyed designing and making their Flanimals this week. 
Welcome to the Year 2 blog!
The children have already done some fabulous learning these past few days and it is lovely to have them all back after the summer holidays.