Year 2 Blog 2023-2024

Welcome to Year 2!
Welcome to Year 2! Here you will be able to read all about this half-term's engaging curriculum and keep up-to-date with things that are happening in our weekly bulletin. 
The teachers in year 2 are Mrs Ban, Mrs Grant and Mrs Fretwell. They are supported by assistant teachers Mrs Halls. 
PE days
Mrs Ban's class has PE sessions every Monday (outdoor) and Thursday (indoor).
Mrs Grant and Mrs Fretwell's class has PE sessions every Tuesday (outdoor) and Wednesday (indoor). 
Show and Tell - Share a book
Every Thursday the children are encouraged to bring a book from home to school that they would like to share and talk about to their class. At story time, we will have a Show and Tell to share the books. Please chat to your child about what they would like to say about their book so that they feel confident to speak about it in class. Your child does not have to bring a book every week.
Your child will have their own homework book to take home and complete their homework in. Each week there will be a Phonics task for them to complete. This will support their learning at school and will be sent home every Friday. Please return homework books by Wednesday, ready for them to be marked and sent back home on Friday. 
Reading, Phonics & Spellings
In year 2 the children will move onto the last level of Phonics teaching: Level 6. They will be moving onto learning new spelling patterns as well as suffixes, homophones and grammar rules. They will continue to have phonics lessons for 20 minutes. Every Friday there will be a short spelling test, these words will be linked to the Phonics teaching your child will have taken part in the previous week. Please practise these words at home so they feel prepared for their spelling test. 
Pupils will bring home at least one book per week; please keep their reading records and book in their bags to help us swap them. Please read daily with your child at home to continue to build their fluency and confidence. In year 2, there is more of a focus on comprehension (understanding what they have read) so as you are listening to your child read, check their understanding by asking simple questions about the text.
It would be useful to practise reading and spelling the year 2 Common Exception Words at home. These are shown below. 
For a more in-depth look at the subjects within the Year 2 curriculum, please see the tabs on the left-hand side of this page.
CLIC is our whole-school maths approach that prioritises basic mathematical skills to provide the foundations for wider maths. Year 2 pupils have daily CLIC sessions that usually last for 20-minutes, with roughly 5-minutes spent on each area:

  • Counting
  • Learn Its (simple sums that the children learn to recall instantly)
  • It's Nothing New (applying previous learning in order to solve something else)
  • Calculation 
The current Learn Its are 6 + 8 = 14, 5 + 7 = 12, 5 + 8 = 13, 5 + 9 = 14. The children will be learning to count in multiples of 2, 5, 10 and 3 over the year. Jigsaw numbers to 10, 20 and 100 are continually rehearsed too. We aim for these links to be lightning fast! Please help your child practise these facts outside of school to help reinforce and embed this learning - thank you. 
Below are the current tests that children complete each week as part of their CLIC learning and teacher assessment. The Big Maths Beat That test focuses on the Counting, It's Nothing New and Calculation areas of learning from our CLIC lessons, while the Learn Its is a timed test (around 90 seconds, unless the teacher feels that it not appropriate) where children need to quickly recall as many number facts as they can. Please use these examples to practise with your children at home. 
Weekly Bulletin
Year 2 Blog
Here you will find photos of what Year 2 have been up to in school. 
The children had a great time visiting Ely Library. They explored the library, took part in a treasure hunt for Peter Rabbit, were able to borrow some books and listened to a story. 
We have been exploring microhabitats in Science and visited the nature garden to answer the question: which microhabitat is the most popular for minibeasts in our nature garden? We made a tally chart as we found minibeasts in different microhabitats. 
The children went to the nature garden on Monday and helped to make some delicious flatbread on the firepit. Back in the classroom we have been writing instructions for how to make flatbread. The children have worked really hard and have produced some excellent work! 
Year 2 took part in a Diwali activity morning where they had a go at lots of different crafts, made rangoli patterns and Diwali decorations, made firework art, dressed up, built a bridge linked to the story of Rama and Sita, read fact books and Diwali story books and wrote about the festival of Diwali. Mrs Ban even practised her Mehndi patterns on the children's hands! 
Odd socks day was great fun.
Year 2 visited St Mary's church Ely. This supported their Religious Education learning; finding out about why Christmas is important to Christians. They enjoyed listening to Rev. Phil, hearing stories, singing carols and exploring the church building looking for signs of Christmas. 
World Book Day 2024! Lots of reading across year groups and with parents/carers. 
The Great Fire of London day was a wonderful experience. Children re-lived the events with the help of our visitor who told us lots of information about this important historical period. 
To finish our Great Fire of London topic, we used the fire pit to make a fire and then burnt our paper Tudor houses. We imagined that we were Londoners left homeless from the fire and that we had no belongings but a few chickens! The chickens thankfully laid some eggs that we could cook and we made some yummy scrambled eggs to share around. The children had a great time and helped us to crack the eggs, we also sang London's Burning as we watched our houses burn. 
Children took part in different activities during sports day. Thank you to all the parents who could come and support this fantastic event.