Year 3 Remote Learning Page wb1.3.2021

Monday briefing
Apologies for the lack of video this week folks. I am having tech issues!
Mrs T
Children, it is your last week of home learning and your teachers are so looking forward to seeing you again next week. Your friends can't wait to have you all back in the classroom. You have done so well! It might feel like now is a good time to stop, but keep going! Just tell yourself it is one more week. You can do this!
Please ensure that you complete some English research on Cleopatra VII this week. Make some notes. Just notes. Key vocabulary and specific dates would be useful. You might like to make notes under subheadings to help you group your paragraphs. Bring your notes with you when you return to school. The children in class are doing the same research this week so when you join us next week, we will all be ready to write a biography on Cleopatra.
Please also complete the PSHE work and we would like that piece of work emailed to us. Parents and Carers please talk to your children and help them to fill out the feelings resource. We would like to see those before the children return as we will be doing some further PSHE work in class in that first week back.
Off you go then Year 3! Have a great week, and we will see you soon!
Mrs Turner, Miss Derry, Mrs Pitt and Mrs Thompson
Week 2 on Greta Thunberg and her amazing achievements.
Week 2 and you will be doing your research this week on Cleopatra VII. You need to look for facts about her life, and make notes in your book. Remember not to make full sentences yet as this will be your job next week when you are back in class. :)  :)
Find important information and key dates. When you have found out lots of interesting information, find some pictures that you can use for illustration purposes...or you might like to draw your own.
Here are some examples of some things you may wish to research:
Early Life
When was she born and where? Who were her parents, did she have any siblings?
Why is she famous?
What did she do in life that has made her so famous?
Who did she marry? Did she have any children?
Later life
What did she do? Where did she live? How long did she rule for?
When? Where? How?
Perhaps you can find an interesting 'Did you know...?' fact that you can add to your biography next week.
Useful websites for your research
Friday's Spelling Lesson
This week we will be continuing to focus on homophones and near homophones. Please work through the presentation below and then complete the activity.
Please also find attached the weekly spellings. Practise these new spellings today, and for the rest of the week. We will test in class on Friday 12th March.
In our maths this week we will be adding and subtracting lengths, then finding the perimeter of shapes- this is new learning for Year 3!
Watch the video lessons, then complete the activities on the sheet. You can also use the lesson presentations if you prefer, with the exception of Thursday's lesson which needs to be viewed on the video. The task for Thursday's lesson may take you a while- so if you don't finish, then please do finish that task as your lesson on Friday, rather than doing the problem solving lesson.
This week will be looking at what plants need to grow well and starting an investigation. Please see resources below for this week's lesson on what plants need to grow well. Read through the what plants need to grow well doc first, for instructions of what you will need for this lesson.
N.B. You will need a plant, plant pot, ruler/tape measure and compost to complete the investigation.
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Here is my family - Voici ma famille.
Learn how to introduce different members of your family.
Here is some other vocabulary that you might need to describe your family that isn't included on the given resource.
Step Mum - Belle-mère
Step Dad - Beau-père
Step Brother - Beau-frère
Step Sister - Belle-soeur
Work through the powerpoint, then you will create your own family tree introducing members of your family.
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Our PSHE this week is going to help us think about our return to school next week on the 8th of March. Watch the video then have a go at the activities on the sheet.
This is the work we would like you to email in to us this week.
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Snack and Story Time
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