Year 3 Blog 2020-2021

Orienteering challenge
This half term both Year 3 classes took part in the Witchford Sports Partnership Orienteering challenge!
The children had to work as a team to locate markers which were placed around the KS2 outdoor area. Each cone had a number attached to it and once all numbers had been collected they were used to crack the code!
Cracking the code took a little while, but the children worked well in teams to find the solution, which was...TEAMWORK!
Great fun was had by all the children, and it was the perfect taster session for our Orienteering PE lessons which will take place next term.
Remembrance day
On 11th November, Mrs Pitt and Mrs Thompson's class created some beautiful poppy art work. We watched a tutorial video which showed us what to do step by step, and we think you will agree that the finished artwork looks fabulous!
We were so proud of our work that we wanted to take it home, so Mrs Pitt took photographs to share on the website.
We hope you enjoy looking at our fabulous work!
Stone Age Day
What a fantastic day we had for our Stone Age Day! The sun shone and we enjoyed so many activities both inside and out.
In the morning, we started our day by being hunter gatherers. We went for a walk in our wonderful outdoor spaces and looked for things that we could use for making cave art. Both classes walked round the nature garden, the field and the spinney. The children were very good at finding twigs they could use for paintbrushes, and various other natural resources to use for painting.
After break, there were lots of activities on offer across both classrooms. Children could design an item of clothing or a weapon or tool for Stone Age man. They could design their own cave art using the natural resources they had collected, and they could also have a go at making Stone Age jewellery out of clay.
In the afternoon, we put our wellies back on to head out to the nature garden and sit round the fire pit. We talked about how Stone age people might have discovered fires, how they lit them, and why fire was such an important development in the history of man. (We may have used modern methods to light the fire as we felt rubbing sticks together might have taken too long!) We then got the opportunity to feel the warmth of the fire and imagine what it must have been like back in the Stone Age to live in a cave with just a fire for warmth.
We then went on to the playground with some oats and barley and a grinding stone. We imagined we were grinding just like Stone Age people would have done to make bread. It was really tricky!
We hope you enjoy looking through our photos from the day.
We thought it would be fun to film the children signing the latest song they have learnt on their dressing up day. Mrs Pitt and Mrs Thompson's class went for a theme of 'What I want to be when I grow up,' and Mrs Turner and Miss Derry's class went for comfort and chose pj's, dressing gowns and slippers!
We are so proud of the children and their ability to pick up the signing so quickly. Super proud teachers!
Please follow the link above to see Year 3's super signing assembly, and to hear a little bit about the work we have been doing this term. (Sorry about the dodgy lighting!)
Last week, Year 3 made some clay sculptures that will be included in a local art exhibition. The theme was 'What does Ely mean to you?' We had some interesting conversations around that theme and the children came up with some wonderful designs. Here are some photos of Year 3 painting their sculptures today.
(Apologies from the Year 3 team if the children's white t-shirts have any paint on them).
As part of our Stone Age topic, we have been exploring Stone Age cave art. We asked lots of questions:
Why did Stone Age people create cave art?
What did the different pictures represent?
What did they use for the different colours?
Did they have paintbrushes?
We then created our own cave art both inside the classroom, and on the school building. We had lots of fun and got a little bit messy!
As part of our English work over the past two weeks, we have been looking at the book 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers. The Guardian called this 'a heartfelt hug of a book' and we couldn't agree  more. It is a book that explores what it means to belong, community, how we relate to each other, and our responsibility as world citizens.
We have been able to link our writing to PSHCE and think really carefully about our feelings and emotions, and our place in the world.
We finished this block of work with exploring the song 'What a Wonderful World' by Louis Armstrong. We listened to the song, we watched David Attenborough narrate an advert for the Frozen Planet series while using the song lyrics, and we thought about what it meant to us. We asked ourselves, what was wonderful about our world? We have been blown away by the children's response! What beautiful, kind hearted children we have in our year group.
We made a whole class song by changing some of the lyrics. Then the children were invited to either write up our whole class song, or add their own original ideas. Here is the song created by 3Y, and also some individual efforts.
3x have been busy in our beautiful outdoor spaces exploring some natural resources to create tree spirits.
The children had enormous fun making their model woolly mammoths this week. Here are some photos of the creative process!
This week, the children will be writing instructions of how to make a model woolly mammoth in their English lessons.