Year 3 Blog 2018-19

Welcome to our Year 3 page!
On the right you will some information about this term's curriculum and homework.
Below there are some photos of our activities, trips and lessons.  
Discovering Stonehenge through art
We learnt about the Neolithic monument Stonehenge, which was used for funerals and ceremonies by the people of the New Stone Age. After some internet research, we got creative and recreated Stonehenge in different ways. We are particularly pleased with our background washes and the silhouette of Stonehenge's standing stones in the foreground. 
Stone Age Day
On Thursday 11th October it was Stone Age Day. So we all dressed up as Stone Age people or creatures, which was great fun. Both classes got together to do lots of different indoor and outdoor activities, for example cave painting, foraging, making weapons and jewellery. Have a good look at our photos. Can you spot a deer and mammoth?  
Learning about life in Neolithic Britain
In Year 3 we have travelled back in time into the Stone Age. After learning about the amazing discovery of the Neolithic village of Skara Brae on the Orkney Islands in 1850, we set out to build our own Neolithic settlement. We went outdoors to collect natural materials that we used for our designs. When you look at our villages, you will be able to see houses, farmland, animal pens and many more details showing how life was like for Neolthic people settling down for the very first time.