Year 3 Blog 2021-22

Welcome to the Year Three Blog 2021-22!
Welcome to the place to find all things 'Year Three' for 2021-22!  Our blog will share all of the wonderful learning and activities that we enjoy this year.  Enjoy!
Please see our Topic Web below for an overview of our curriculum for the Autumn Term.
Please see below our homework for the Autumn Term- Stone Age to Iron Age. 
Ely Museum Visit Year 3
Science: Rocks and Soils
All of the children in Year 3 enjoyed a fantastic visit on Friday 24th September from the volunteers at Ely Museum.  The children were able to find out about, explore for themselves and ask as many questions as they could about the amazing collections of rocks and fossils that were brought in.
The whole of the morning was spent investigating and learning about everything from how fossils are formed to different rock types and formations.  
We would like to say a massive thank you to Ely Museum for visiting and allowing us to keep lots of the collections for the next few weeks to support our learning in school.
Art and Design: Giuseppe Arcimboldo
In art lessons this term, we are studying Giuseppe Arcimboldo who was an Italian painter best known for creating imaginative portrait heads made entirely of objects such and fruit, vegetables, flowers, fish and books.
To kick start this unit, we practised using and applying different sketching techniques when drawing fruit and vegetables. The children had a great time using the different sketching techniques to create a sketch of their chosen fruit or vegetable. We then moved onto using a different medium- oil pastel, and created an oil pastel picture of a different fruit or vegetable.
Please spend some time looking at our gallery of amazing art work. See if you can spot and name the different sketching techniques the children have used in their work. 
Science: Rocks and Soils
This terms science unit is all about Rocks and Soils. To start this unit, Year 3 became geologists for the afternoon, conducting an investigation into the properties of different rocks. The children predicted and then observed whether different rocks could be scratched using sandpaper, if the rocks had a high or low density, and whether or not the rocks were permeable.
Our Learnits this term are the 3 times tables.
Please practise these repeatedly for fluency.
The diagram below shows how we approach learning a whole times table. Break it down into small parts. As your child becomes more confident you can say the times tables out of order, and write down their fact families.
Here's an example of a fact family:
2 x 3 = 6
3 x 2 = 6
6 divided by 2 = 3
6 divided by 3 = 2
We use a scheme of work called Charanga for teaching music in school, and the home learning part of Charanga is called YUMU.
Your child should have a YUMU login.
We encourage your child to explore YUMU at home. We will add the lessons to YUMU as we complete them in class, so that the children have the opportunity to revisit.
There are lots of opportunities for singing, dancing and playing. Have fun!
Today, Year 3 imagined that they were Fossil Hunter's. They had to examine the fossil images displayed around the classroom and think carefully about what they might learn from them. 
After their visit, Ely Museum were kind enough to lend us some fossils. Please take a couple of minutes to look at our fantastic sketches of them.