Year 3 Blog - Summer Term 2022

This is the Year 3 blog page for the summer term 2022. We have added so much learning to our original page it is getting a bit full!
Please check in here for our new learning, and scroll down for new photographs.
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Today we talked about our skeleton, and the different types of bones we have inside our bodies. We used post it notes to label human skeletons. We included both the common and scientific bone names. It has certainly been a fun, but educational afternoon!
PE - Gymnastics
Just look at us leaping through the air! Do you know your straddle jump from your tuck jump? How about cat leaps and pike jumps?  Well we have been experimenting with all kinds of leaps and jumps while focussing on landing safely. Big thanks to Vakare, Rachael and Olivia who were our photographers.
Carnival of the Animals.
We have been super busy learning our lyrics ready for the Carnival of the Animals concert in Ely Cathedral on July 1st. This week, we had a visit from local artist Louise Beale to make masks that we will wear as part of a giant procession down the nave. We shall resist from giving away any spoilers, but here are some photographs of the mask making process.
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Outdoor Learning
Year 3 enjoyed some time outside with Mr Poli as he showed us how to make bread on the fire. We added some maple syrup for a sweet treat, and some garlic butter for a savoury snack. Delicious! We talked about maths with measurement for the bread that was rolled out, and we talked about science with cooking temperatures and changes of matter as the bread cooked. We also talked lots about safety while we were round the fire. Lots of learning had by all!
Jubilee Celebration Fun
Year 3 have had an amazing day celebrating the Queen's Jubilee. It has been a great way to finish the half term.
God Save The Queen!
Ely Wildspace
What a fantastic morning we have had at Ely Wildspace this morning!
We swept nets through the meadow, and shook trees to see what kind of insects we could find. We used identifying sheets to find out what kind of insects they were. We listened attentively and much to Mrs T's surprise, and to the shoppers in Ely today, the children spontaneously burst into song on the walk home. Wonderful!