Year 3 - w/b 29th June

Weekly Learning – Year 3

Monday 29th June – Friday 3rd July

Please see below and attached the overview of the Year 3 tasks for the coming week

Ongoing Daily Tasks:

-        Reading Time (20 minutes)                                

-       Times Tables Rockstars (15 minutes)

-       Spelling List work (10 minutes)                 

        (We are aware that daily spelling work is challenging for some children and so have added this week's spellings as an 'optional' activity for you to use as appropriate at home.)

As well as the ‘Daily Tasks’, please ensure you also complete…

-       Five Maths tasks

-       The English writing task

-       The Science task

-       Two of the tasks from the 'Other Curriculum' selection 


 Maths Overview:

Right angles and turns, horizontal and vertical, perpendicular and parallel lines.



English Overview:

Writing a newspaper report

This week you will write a newspaper report all about Tom’s journey to Africa so far.

Reading Comprehension:

The comprehension work is attached as follows – remember you only need to choose one text to have a go at.

-      Wimbledon – differentiated Y3 level comprehension texts

-      Hedgehogs – comprehension text for emerging readers (Y2 level)


Please see attached sheet using your weekly spellings for handwriting practise.

The Boy Who Biked the World

Chapters 9 and 10: 



Science Overview:

Week 6: Concave and Convex Mirrors

LO: To investigate how images change in concave and convex mirrors

1. Open the presentation and introduce the words ‘concave’ and ‘convex’. Use a spoon to demonstrate how your child’s image is different either side of the spoon.

2. Next, work through the presentation. Use the examples on the presentation to think of a question that you would like to find the answer to about concave and convex mirrors. Fill in the activity sheet. If you cannot print it, then copy it into your book. Choose the level of challenge that is right for you (Mild/Medium/Spicy).  You can use a spoon for the concave and convex mirrors. It has the same effect!

3. Once you have completed the experiment and answered your question, continue to work through the presentation. Support your child to talk about concave and convex mirrors.

Challenge: Draw ray diagrams for concave and convex mirrors to show how the light is reflected differently from each mirror.


Other curriculum:

Selection of two tasks from the challenges below.

Art and Design – see separate sheet and resources for art challenges to have a go at.

Geography – The River Nile. As Tom makes his way down this amazing river in Egypt, you are going to create a ‘Guide to the River Nile’ for anyone who is planning to explore and travel Egypt!

- Outdoor Learning - 'Step into Summer'.  New challenges to have a go at in your garden or on your daily walks.

- PSHE – The following lessons will be emailed to you and are to cover Year 3 PSHE for the rest of the term.

Lesson 2

L.O. To recognise that each body is different, and to understand that our bodies are special because they are unique.

- IT Tick Tock Clock Challenge. Make the clock tick and chime using the timer command.

Find the task in your 2do section. Save it in 2do/Tick tock clock challenge