Year 3 and Year 4 Blog Autumn 2022

Welcome to the Year Three/Four Blog 2022-2023!
Welcome to the place to find all things 'Year Three/Four' for 2022-23!  Our blog will share all of the wonderful learning and activities that we enjoy this year.  Enjoy!
Please see our Topic Web below for an overview of our curriculum for the Autumn Term.
This week in maths, we have been focusing on place value. The children have used their excellent place value knowledge, and ordered two-digit, three-digit and four-digit numbers on blank number lines. They have had lots of fun drawing number lines on the tables, as well as in books.
Science- Electricity
Today in science we looked at common appliances that run on electricity. We started the lesson by completing a quiz about electricity, and then spent some time exploring a range of games and appliances that are powered from the mains electricity or batteries. The children were very 'switched' on!
Art- Meet The Artists
This term we are going to be studying Joan Miró and his art work. To kick start this unit, the children spent some time walking around the 'gallery' and looking at some examples of Joan Miró's artwork.  He was fascinated by the sky and much of his art references this. Miró used (a bold limited palate using mainly the primary colours) and explained that his use of blue was representative of dreams. While Miró started out painting using conventional techniques and tools he became more experimental as time went on, using an approach called ‘automatic drawing’. The children then used this drawing technique to create their own artwork. 
Science - Circuits.
There was a real 'buzz' of excitement in the classroom today. An 'electric' atmosphere as we made and tested circuits. What makes a successful circuit? When will a circuit fail? We put our equipment and science skills to the test using cells, wires, motors, bulbs and buzzers.
Art-medium and materials
This afternoon, the children created small pieces of art work using a variety of medium and different materials. The children used the drawing technique, 'automatic drawing' to create their art work. They spent 10 minutes on each piece of art work.