Year 3 Blog- Spring 1 Term

Welcome to the Year 3 blog.
Please find details here of all the wonderful things that we will be learning in class. We will add photos of the children as the term progresses.
Important information will still be sent home via email.
We will also include a separate page for our weekly spellings.
Please see below for Spring homework task. 
Due Monday 29th January.
Times Tables Rock Stars
A HUGE well done to all those children using TTRS outside of school. 
This term, we will be focusing on the four times tables, as well as continuing to practise the three times tables. Please keep supporting your child with this.
Children, how many coins can you earn this term?
Cambridge Science Centre Visit
Forgotten your sea legs? Don’t worry you’ll be rolling up your sleeves and creating a land yacht while learning about materials and forces. 


This morning, Year 3 got to build, test and modify their own land yacht, whilst having lots of fun and learning about forces.



Stone Age Cave Art
Did you know, Stone Age man used natural pigments to create art work in their caves? They would use mud, blood, crushed bones or berries. Mixed with animal fats or water, they would use these colours to decorate their homes. Cave art tells us a story of what life was like in the Palaeolithic in this period of prehistory, where people did not write.
We used oil pastels to recreate our own cave art.
Stone Age Fire Pit
Year 3 were keeping warm in the freezing cold today next to our fire pit!
Mr Poli told us how people in the Stone Age would light fires, and why fire was so important to them.
He then made a simple bread dough out of flour and water, which some children cooked over the fire on sticks. We all got a chance to taste the cooked bread.
Friction Investigation
Friction is a force. It acts when objects rub against each other. Friction slows or stops movement when two objects are touching. 
Today, Year 3 conducted a friction investigation involving a ramp, four different types of surfaces and a toy car. Before they conducted the investigation, they had to predict which surface would make the car go fastest and slowest. Lots of sensible and scientific predictions- well done Year 3!
In DT this half term, Year 3 are working towards making a felt purse.  We thoroughly enjoyed our first sewing lesson when we learned to thread a needle and use running stitch.  
Magnetic and Non-magnetic materials
In science this week, Year 3 have been sorting magnetic and non-magnetic materials. 
This week we have finished off our work in gymnastics. We have been learning how to control our bodies and create different shapes. We have learnt to:
Perform a variety of shapes with good control.
Perform a straight jump with a half turn.
Perform a Teddy bear roll.
Perform Point and Patch balances.
Perform a short sequence on mats.
For our last session, we got the climbing frame and ropes out in the hall which the children loved! They got to perform their balances and movement sequences while using the apparatus.
We have now finished our topic on Stone Age to Iron Age. To complete our work, we learnt about Iron Age hill forts. We used the information  to draw what a hill fort would have looked like, and we labelled key features.
Den Building
This afternoon, Year 3 were working collaboratively to build dens in the Spinney. The children demonstrated creative thinking, using the opportunity to think outside of the box and problem solve in order to create a structure. It was great to hear the communication and language skills as they worked as a team to create their den.