Year 3 Blog- Summer 2 Term

Welcome to the Year 3 blog.
Please find details here of all the wonderful things that we will be learning in class. We will add photos of the children as the term progresses.
Important information will still be sent home via email.
We will also include a separate page for our weekly spellings.
Times Tables Rock Stars
A HUGE well done to all those children using TTRS outside of school. 
This term, we will be focusing on the eight and six times tables, as well as continuing to practise the three and four times tables. Please keep supporting your child with this.
3D Shape Fun!
This week, we have been finishing off our shape work in maths with a focus on 3D shapes. First of all we explored different 3D shapes and described them, then we made our own 3D shape models using play dough and art wasn't as easy as it looks! Finally we learned about nets of 3D shapes, and constructed our own 3D alien shapes. We had to cut and score before carefully gluing to construct the shapes.
It was all a lot of fun and we are very proud of the results!
Friday Problem Solving
This morning, Year 3 were tasked with designing a bee hotel that had a face with the number of shapes listed below-
3 triangles
4 rectangles
2 pentagons
There couldn't be any spaces between the shapes and the whole of the grid they were drawing the bee hotel onto, had to be used. 
A 'rocktastic' science session

This afternoon, Year 3 was lucky enough to have rock specialist, Paul Barter, come into school and share his rock collection. The children carefully handled the rock samples and asked some very insightful questions. They were then allowed to ask Paul to identify the rocks they had brought from home.

English - Mummification
How do you mummify a tomato? You scoop its guts out, and pack the cavity with salt!
As part of our work this term on Ancient Egyptians, we are learning how Ancient Egyptians mummified their dead. What better way to have a go ourselves, than to mummify fruit.
For the remainder of this week, we will be writing detailed instructions on the mummification process.
This afternoon we experimented with creating a paint palette of warm colours and using them in an abstract style, well done Year 3!
When the sun shines, we take our learning outside. Year 3 have been measuring in cm and mm, and converting cm to mm.
We have been learning some very important tennis skills in PE. The children have practised controlling the ball with their racket in a variety of exercises. We have been very impressed with their skills and teamwork.
Noughts and Crosses
Today, the children were tasked with using their strategy to win a game of Noughts and Crosses. They were also challenged to find a 'cheat' that would always allow a player to win a game.
Based on noughts and crosses, we explored a variation of the same game using our calculation skills. Using the digits 1-9, children had to take it in turns to place their number on the grid. The winner was the person who could make a row of 3 that added up to 15. The row could be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. We tried to work out if there was a winning strategy, but we had differing results each time we played.
Maths - Perimeter
The children have been tasked with designing their very own park this week. They will use their calculation skills to work out the perimeter of their chosen park equipment.

Sensory Boxes

Today,  Year 3 made their own sensory box that acts like Ishi’s Light, an installation, created by Anish Kapoor.

They added different materials to the inside of their shoebox to create an Ishi’s Light style space.


A HUGE thank you to adults for providing a wealth of amazing materials.