Year 3 Blog-Spring 2 Term

Welcome to the Year 3 blog.
Please find details here of all the wonderful things that we will be learning in class. We will add photos of the children as the term progresses.
Important information will still be sent home via email.
We will also include a separate page for our weekly spellings.
Times Tables Rock Stars
A HUGE well done to all those children using TTRS outside of school. 
This term, we will be focusing on the eight times tables, as well as continuing to practise the three and four times tables. Please keep supporting your child with this.
Children, how many coins can you earn this term?
Two Numbers Under the Microscope
Today, Year 3 had to prove what would happen every time any two odd numbers were added together. They then had to talk about what patterns they noticed.
Planting Seeds
In DT sessions this half term, Year 3 will be designing and making a sandwich. This afternoon, they went into the Nature Garden and planted a variety of seeds that they will care for, harvest, and then add to their sandwich at the end of the half term. 
World Book Day - 2024.
Thank you to all parents who came in and shared books with us for World Book Day. The children always love having you in their classroom, and it is a great way to promote reading for pleasure.
We have spent the day immersed in all things reading; including having some lovely Year 6 helpers, and accessing the BBC Teach live lesson where Mrs T was so excited because for the 3rd year of trying...we got a shout out for ESJ!
This afternoon, Year 3 enjoyed reading to Foundation Stage. Everyone chose their favourite book, and read it with intonation, expression and excitement. 
Food Glorious Food!
This afternoon, Year 3 had an amazing time tasting different foods. In their sketch books, they wrote down the name of the food, described its texture, taste, colour and smell, then wrote a tick or dot to show if they liked it or not. 
Maths - Division with remainders
The children used art straws to make shapes to help them solve division problems. If you have 32 straws, how many triangles can you make? How many squares can you make? Are there any leftover straws? Can you make pentagons? Hexagons? Octagons? A great way to learn about division when there are some remainders. 
British Science Week 2024-Time
British Science Week is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths which will takes place 8-17 March 2024. This year the theme is 'Time'.
In Year 3, we have dedicated some extra time to looking at a frog's life cycle, watched videos about the solar system and thought about how our brains work. 
Very proud of Year 3 for tasting various salad vegetables including rocket, watercress & radish with a view to designing and making our sandwiches over the next couple of weeks.  Our cress and mustard seeds are growing nicely too! 
Year 3 enjoyed learning to send and reply to emails, bearing in mind E-Safety 
Making, eating and evaluating a sandwich
This afternoon, the children made, ate and evaluated their sandwiches. All the sandwiches looked colourful and healthy.
Once again, a HUGE thank you to parents for providing the necessary ingredients.
This afternoon, Year 3 enjoyed a visit from a guest speaker. Karin spoke about Ramadan and what her and her family do to celebrate the festival. The children had an opportunity to try a date and have a look at Karin's very own Koran. At the end of the assembly, the children asked some very insightful questions. Well done, Year 3
This afternoon Year 3 made sandwiches based on their planning and design from previous weeks.  They used a mix of cutting, spreading, slicing and assembling to make their sandwich and then enjoyed tasting.  Thank you again for supporting us by sending in the ingredients.