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Time for a class treat in the Nature Garden ...
Year 3 Summer Performance
After weeks of rehearsal, we finally presented our play 'The Great Kapok Tree' to our families and the school. It was all about the threat of deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest - part of our topic of South America. The costumes were amazing, and we tried really hard to learn our lines by heart and act them out convincingly. The audience loved it!   
It's good to be us!
During Healthy Lifestyles week, we had great fun creating our superhero masks and celebrating all our achievements and what makes us feel proud.
Our masks are currently being displayed outside our classrooms in the corridor so everyone can see how proud of ourselves we are.
South America Day
On Thursday 24th May Year 3 let the sunshine into the school when we celebrated our annual South America Day. We took part in a Samba drumming workshop to explore the rhythms of Brazil. We also prepared tasty dishes from Central and South America and later had a feast with pineapple cocktails. In the afternoon both classes got together. We traveled even further North to Panama and recreated some colourful, bright Mola art. 
Drawing Nazca lines 
Year 3 children have learnt all about the Nazca lines in Peru. We designed our own Nazca lines and had a go at carving them into the soil in the spinney and drawing them with chalk onto the playground.   
The Boy Who Biked The World
Year 3 children have started reading the trilogy 'The Boy Who Biked The World' written by the adventurer and author Alastair Humphreys. We asked Alastair some questions, and he kindly answered them in this video. 
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South American patterns
We looked at the colourful patterns found in clothing and rugs from the Andes mountains. We recreated South American patterns using 2D-shapes and painting them in bright, bold colours. We are looking forward to presenting our art in sharing assembly.   
Cricket coaching
Year 3 were out on the field enjoying April's mini heatwave for their cricket coaching session on Thursday 19th April. All children gave their best and learnt first cricket skills with enthusiasm.   
Travelling back to the year 1898 ...
Today Mrs Jahnigen/Mrs Pitt's class took the coach to Great Cressingham in Norfolk to learn more about life in Victorian times. As soon as we had stepped out of the coach, we were magically transported back in time to the year 1898. Miss North, our new headmistress, greeted us sternly and led boys and girls separately into our new school building. We had to learn the three Rs - reading, writing and arithmetic. Cleanliness and manners were very important too. After some hard work, we were allowed to play outside which was good fun. Then it was back to school for the girls to do needlework and for the boys to draw artifacts. We had a great time back in 1898, but we will now appreciate the warmth of our modern classrooms. 
Miss Hooper's class will go on the same adventure next week. We are looking forward to seeing their pictures. 
World Book Day 2018
Another year, another fabulous World Book Day... Children always love this day! This year we came to school in our cosy pyjamas with some of our favourite books to share with our friends. 

Victorian street art

Despite the cold weather, Year 3 children stepped into the footsteps of Victorian Screevers creating absolutely fabulous pavement art.  Did you see our Victorian art gallery out on the playground? 

Year 3 can climb!!! 

On Thursday 8th February both Year 3 classes took the coach to Cambridge for a free Clip’N’Climb session. The climbing walls looked really high and scary at first, but ALL children took on the challenge and pushed themselves to the limit. Two favourites were ‘the stairway to heaven’ and what the children called ‘the death slide’. It was a great day full of proud faces and positive comments. Teachers could hear “Yes, I did it!” so many times. What a fab trip!  

Quiet Reading Time in Year 3 ... 
... isn't always quiet - as the three girls in the video vividly demonstrate with a performance of a Michael Rosen poem! One reading group studied Michael Rosen's poems over the last few weeks, reading and performing as well as writing our own poems in the unique style of Mr Rosen. Enjoy! 

Picking your nose

by Evie


At school,

In the middle of maths,

My buddy picks his nose.

He says in a trice,

“Snot really tastes nice.”

So that means,

I do the same.


At playtime,

I hide behind a large stick.

I’m ready to pick!

Then my friend walks by and asks,

“Are you eating snot?”

“No, I’m not!

I’m simply just picking my nose.”


At detention,

I sit on a chair.

I really can’t bear,

Listening to the teacher shout at me,

“You are not allowed to PICK YOUR NOSE!”

I want this to be over

In 1, 2, 3!


by Gregory


I’m in bed.

I wake up.

I hear a sound.

It can’t be my live pound.

I open the door … .

It’s a massive, live ...


He says his name is Fred.

I think it’s Bed.

He says, “Please don’t eat me.

My name isn’t pea.”

As soon as my brother hears the word pea,

He comes rushing up to me.

(He does like peas but not teas.)

He started shouting, “Where’s the pea?”

I said, “It’s just tea.”

He walks off.

But …

“Yum, yum, yum, in my tum,”

Says mum as she eats the sausage.  

EXTREME READING photo competition
Year 3 children have been reading a lot throughout the Christmas break. They presented their favourite fiction and non-fiction books in class, and they shared their EXTREME READING photos with their friends. We held a secret vote to find the very best, most unique and most extreme EXTREME READING photo. 
The winner in Mrs Jähnigen/Mrs Pitt's class is India. Well done!
(Note: Please don't copy India's reading position at home - extremely dangerous!)
The winner in Miss Hooper's class is to be revealed soon. Watch this space!
Anti Bullying Week 2017
This year's Anti Bullying Week was themed 'All different, all equal'. Throughout the week Year 3 did activities exploring what makes us different and unique. Here are some examples of the work we have done - jigsaw pieces (from Miss Hooper's class) and the video of a class poem (from Mrs Jahnigen and Mrs Pitt's class)!
Bronze Age pottery
Year 3 children have started learning about the Bronze Age and the Beaker people coming over from Europe to settle in Britain. Both Year 3 classes came together to learn more about the pottery of the Beaker people. We looked at pictures of Bronze Age pots and their patterns. Then we made our own clay pots in the style of Bronze Age pottery. We decorated our beakers with our very own beautiful designs. It was a fun afternoon with lots of friendly chatter and great results!  
Cave Art
Some Year 3 children have been getting messy creating their own cave paintings. First we went on a virtual tour of the caves of Lascaux in France and sketched some of the real cave paintings there. Then we came up with our own designs including wild horses, deer and mammoths. Some of us chose to depict hunting scenes (with lots of blood). We used pastels on brown packaging paper, which we scrunched up later on to copy the texture of a rocky wall. We especially enjoyed smudging the colours with our fingers! 
Bar charts
We found out a little bit more about our class by carrying out surveys such as 'What is your favourite superhero?'. We collected data with tally charts and presented it with bar charts learning all about x- and y-axes.   
Stone Age Day
On Wednesday 27th September Year 3 children and teachers dressed up as Stone Age people and animals. We did Paleolithic activities such as hunting down the mammoths among us, which was good fun. We also did some cave art and now have a corridor full of prehistoric pictures. We also enjoyed doing Mesolithic activities outdoors such as gathering sticks, leaves and bark. In the afternoon we used all the natural materials to build Neolithic houses surrounded by farmland and animal pens. Some groups even included long barrows to bury dead ancestors. We had a great day! We're looking forward to our next dressing up day... 
Travelling back in time ...
Year 3 have been travelling back to prehistoric times - to the Stone Age. Our first stop was in the New Stone Age where we explored the Neolithic village of Skara Brae located on the Orkney Islands in Scotland. Then we travelled further South to Wiltshire to learn more about Stonehenge, the famous Neolithic monument. We looked closely at Stonehenge now and how it may have looked back then. Here are some photos of our attempt to rebuild Stonehenge with Jenga pieces. 
September 2017
As part of our school's 25th anniversary birthday celebrations, the Friends arranged for everybody to paint their own Ely St John's souvenir ceramic plate.