Year 3 Blog 2018-19

Interviewing Alastair Humphreys
We e-mailed the author of our class book The Boy Who Biked The World and sent him a selection of our questions - about the story and about writing in general. He responded by posting a video online, which all children LOVED to watch. We will always remember: WRITE A LOT, READ A LOT!!!!
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South America Day
On Wednesday 26th June both Year 3 classes learnt all about South American cooking, samba drumming and Mola art. What a fun day we had!!!
Drawing our own Nazca lines
We learnt about some sights in Peru, including Machu Picchu and the Nazca lines. The Nazca lines are probably the world's largest artwork. They are etched into the earth's surface and can only be seen from up above. We had a go at copying some designs - such as the monkey, spider, hummingbird and hand. 
Summer Performance
This week both Year 3 classes performed the play 'The Great Kapok Tree' to our families. The acting and costumes were amazing! Have a peek at our dress rehearsal...
A poncho for Zippy
As part of our topic 'Cycling around the world' we looked closely at South American patterns and colours used on traditional ponchos. We then designed a poncho for one of our class mascots called Zippy. Zippy was thrilled to see so many different ideas and colours and now has 31 different ponchos in his wardrobe to use on cold days. Thank you, Year 3! 
Bike Day
On Tuesday 7th April we all had a fabulous time on our Bikes and scooters. We started the day with a talk from Mrs Brown's husband and son, where we learned so much- from different parts of a bike to all the kit cycling enthusiasts need. Lots of us think that it is a great hobby and a fantastic way to keep fit. 
After break we had fun on our wheels! Some of us rode our bikes around the field, while others rode scooters and skates on the playground. Luckily the sun came out and we had an amazing time. In the afternoon we created some really detailed close up sketches of parts of a bicycle.
It was a great day, and a super way to kick off our topic- Cycling Around The World.
Mental maths
We have been learning strategies to work out calculations more quickly in our head, for example adding 10 and taking away 1 when we add 9 to any number and using our number bond knowledge. We are now getting very confident at mentally working out how many more to add to any number to make a total of 100 - as you can see in this game we played.  
We were lucky to have a sports coach come in for a PE session teaching us Korfball, which most of us had never even heard of before. We learnt rules and basic skills of the game first. Then we had a go at a proper Korfball  match, which was really good fun.  
World Book Day 2019
Today we showed our love of books and reading ..... We even had Hetty Feather (the main character of our current class story book) in our classroom today! 
Victorian Screevers
Have you spotted our Victorian art gallery out on the playground? We used Victorian leisure activities as motifs to have a go at pavement art in the style of a Victorian screever. We even imagined jumping into our picture - just like Bert and Mary Poppins did!   
Board games against boredom
We thought about what Victorian children would have done if they had some time off and were bored on a rainy day. What would children do without computers, tablets, internet, TV and PlayStation? Read.... Draw.... And play board games! And that's exactly what we did one afternoon. We designed our own Snakes and Ladders and Ludo board games and played, played, played. Can you believe that some of us had never played Ludo before???    

Victorian Art Day

We started our new topic about the Victorians with a BANG! On Friday 11th January we dropped our usual lessons for a day dedicated to the Victorian artist William Morris. We explored his designs and patterns and went into our very own Nature Garden to get inspired. There we did observational drawings which we later based our artwork on. At six different stations in both Year 3 classrooms we experimented with different motifs and printing techniques including printing with natural objects. Look at our photos to find out more!  

Iron Age warriors 
We have been practising our sketching skills in art, trying to add texture and tone to our drawings. We turned ourselves into fierce Iron Age warriors ready to go to battle. Can you recognise some of us??? 
Kenning poetry
We have been exploring kennings over the last few weeks and had a go at writing our own kenning poems. Read William and Rhys's kenning and other examples below. Can you guess what they are about?
Bronze Age pottery
Just like the Beaker people from Europe who came to Britain during the Bronze Age, we created beakers (or pots) to gain a better insight of life in the Bronze Age. We loved the mess! 
Trip to Ely Museum
Last week both Year 3 classes visited Ely Museum to learn more about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. Juts like real archaeologists, we closely examined artifacts and replicas from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We also had a go at carving patterns into hard pieces of antler. That was tough because people back in the Stone Age didn't have the metal tools that we have nowadays. So we tried our best only equipped with a sharp piece of flint. It took a lot of sweat and determination though! After that we used ochre to colour our artwork. 
Discovering Stonehenge through art
We learnt about the Neolithic monument Stonehenge, which was used for funerals and ceremonies by the people of the New Stone Age. After some internet research, we got creative and recreated Stonehenge in different ways. We are particularly pleased with our background washes and the silhouette of Stonehenge's standing stones in the foreground. 
Stone Age Day
On Thursday 11th October it was Stone Age Day. So we all dressed up as Stone Age people or creatures, which was great fun. Both classes got together to do lots of different indoor and outdoor activities, for example cave painting, foraging, making weapons and jewellery. Have a good look at our photos. Can you spot a deer and mammoth?  
Learning about life in Neolithic Britain
In Year 3 we have travelled back in time into the Stone Age. After learning about the amazing discovery of the Neolithic village of Skara Brae on the Orkney Islands in 1850, we set out to build our own Neolithic settlement. We went outdoors to collect natural materials that we used for our designs. When you look at our villages, you will be able to see houses, farmland, animal pens and many more details showing how life was like for Neolthic people settling down for the very first time.