Year 4 Blog 2021-2022

Welcome to the Year 4 blog! Here you will find updates on what we have been getting up to in school! For homework, messages, spellings and Learn-Its, please see the other tabs on the Year 4 page.
Fire Pit
Mrs Grant's class spent some time with Mr Poli in the allotment. We all sat around the fire pit and learnt about wild cooking and we tested our sense of smell by smelling garlic leaves and tried some Roman bread. Mr Poli gave us a Year 4 pumpkin patch, at the moment the pumpkin plants are very small but we will water and look after them over the coming weeks and hopefully, when the children are in Year 5, they will be able to harvest some ENORMOUS pumpkins!
Borrowers' Boxes Phase 2
And, as if by miniature magic, here are some of the many fantastic finished rooms... 
Borrowers' Boxes Phase 1
We spent two lessons creating our Borrowers' rooms and the attention to detail was impressive!
World Book Day
We have had a brilliant day celebrating World Book Day. Some of the things that we have done include - reading and sharing books with children from Year 6 and Foundation Stage, taking part in a live BBC lesson, designing our own book front covers and talking about our costumes and favourite books.
Small is Beautiful!
Our literacy is centred around the book The Borrowers this term and we will be 'borrowing' things to create our own miniature rooms in a few weeks time (so things may start to disappear at home!!).  Today, we started thinking about a small picture to go on the wall...
Angular art!
The children have created some fantastic abstract art by arranging coloured strips of paper into 4 different types of angle. Can you spot them all? We included acute, obtuse, right and straight angles!
Happy Birthday Harry!
We celebrated 25 years of Harry Potter magic with a live lesson by illustrator Jonny Duddle. Can you tell which character we drew?
Here is the descriptive passage we based our drawings on, "He was almost twice as tall as a normal man and at least five times as wide. He looked simply too big to be allowed, and so wild - long tangles of bushy black hair and beard hid most of his face, he had hands the size of dustbin lids and his feet in their leather boots were like baby dolphins."
The Water Cycle
Water on Earth is constantly moving through a process known as the Water Cycle. As part of their Science unit on States of Matter, the children have drawn some wonderful diagrams to show this recycling process. 
Mountaineer's Survival Guides!
The children have written fantastic survival guides for mountaineers considering the ultimate challenge - climbing Mount Everest! Over the past few weeks, they have researched the dangers, built an equipment list and discovered how to build a snow shelter. Their works links to our Geography topic of Mountains, Volcanoes and Earthquakes.
Symmetrical figures
As part of our geometry unit in maths we are looking at symmetrical patterns. Today we worked in partners to build a figure across a line of symmetry. 
Quadrilateral Quotes
In Maths we are learning the properties of 2D shapes. This week we are focusing on quadrilaterals. The children created their quadrilateral characters and added a quote to explain their properties!
French fashion designers!
We have been learning how to describe clothes in French, taking care to pick the correct masculine or feminine adjective to match the noun.
Properties of triangles
In Maths we used geobaords to investigate how many different triangles we could make. We discussed that a shape retains the same properties even if it is shown in a different rotation! We agreed that there were 4 types of triangles; equilateral, isosceles, scalene and right-angled. Can you find them all on our geoboard?
Melting points!
In Science we are investigating different states of matter. Today we looked at the point where a solid changes to a liquid. We investigated the melting point of chocolate and made some delicious Rice Krispie cakes in the process!
In Computing we have been creating our own animations using stop-motion. The children did a fantastic job of moving their characters in small increments before photographing. When their frames were played back, the characters appear to move independently! 
In science the children have been learning about solids and liquids. Did you know, oobleck is a non-Newtonian fluid which means that under force it can change to be either more liquid or more solid. The children were very enthusiastic about exploring oobleck!
If you would like to have a go making it at home you just need cornflour and water. Experiment with adding different amounts of water to the cornflour to make your perfect oobleck consistency.
Puzzling tangrams!
In maths the children have been creating and manipulating tangrams! To build their tangram, children dissected a squares into 7 shapes; 1 parallelogram, 1 square and 5 triangles. They then had great fun rearranging them into new geometric patterns. We discussed what fraction each piece represented before choosing their favourite design to stick into their books.
The magic of the circus
The children have written fantastic pieces inspired by Leon and the Place Between by Angela McAllister. They chose a circus act and used verbs and repetition to build excitement and convey movement. They also experimented with structure and the effect of using different size and shape fonts. We were very impressed with their finished pieces, they are full of the magic of the circus!
We have been investigating how sound travels through a solid, liquid and gas. We discovered that sound travels fastest through a solid, this is because the particles are close together and the vibrations can pass quickly along them.
Fractions Fun!
Having played Matching Fractions on Nrich, we had a go at designing our own fraction game. Our first job was to find pairs of equivalent fractions before thinking about different ways to represent them! We enjoyed joining up with others to play the game! Have a go at Matching Fractions (
Anti-Bullying Week
Inspired by this year's song, 'One Kind Word, we create a 'Ripple of Kindness' display in the classroom. We then each wrote and received a kindness note. We realised it felt as good to write them, as it did to receive them! We also decorated some paperchains to spread our ripple of kindness throughout the school!
In computing, we have been practising our coding on Purple Mash. This week, we have learned about 'conditionals' and how we can use IF/ELSE statements to make decisions in computer programming. Can you read the code and guess what will happen? Don't forget, the children have access to Purple Mash at home!
Norwich City FC visit ESJ!
We were excited to be visited by football coaches from Norwich City FC this Thursday! The children enjoyed completing drills and showing off their football skills! The coaches were impressed with the children's hard work and fantastic teamwork. 
Electrical circuits
In science we have been learning about electricity. We have sorted appliances and even learnt how to make a working circuit! We have been investigating whether different materials are conductors or insulators.
Working systematically
In maths, we worked systematically to investigate how many different 4 digit numbers we could make with only 4 counters!