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June 2018
This week the Raptor Foundation visited Year 4 classes, bringing with them owls and a hawk.  Elliot, from the Raptor Foundation, told us about the birds the centre looks after and conducted a flying display in the hall.  In class, children dissected owl pellets to discover what the owls had been eating!  The session helped to enrich our Science learning about animal classification, food chains and how humans affect our natural environment.
April 2018
If you see a minion, a tiny gem, a USA flag or a bumble bee rock around Ely you might have found one of the 29 rocks which were painted and hidden by the Year 4 children who didn't go to Hilltop last week. The children "rocked" Wednesday and even managed to squeeze in a film and popcorn too! Thursday was spent walking around Ely Wild Space finding out about local history and identifying plants and wildlife. Did you know that blowing the seeds from a Dandelion Clock can help you to tell the time? Several rocks were hidden along the way and a rather exciting time was had at Pocket Park when the children all banded together and decided to set sail on a rather splendid pirate ship. The children were then a great help in Foundation on Friday.

If you want to see any of the rocks designed and hidden by the children keep an eye on the Spotted in Ely Rocks (SIER) Facebook page - I've already spotted 3 that have been found, photographed and re-hidden!
March 2018
We had a fabulous time at Clip n' Climb in Cambridge!  Even some of the teachers had a go!
Design and Technology Magic Show Boxes
We are making moving magic show boxes in Design and Technology, linking to our English story of Leon and the Place Between.
Here are some of our evaluation comments.

We evaluated our magic show boxes. We said:

We needed to make the hole in the stage bigger so the lego man didn’t get stuck.

To make the trick work, we needed to try lots of different ideas. The first one didn’t always work.

We had to make a slide that went under rather than over because it got stuck.

We needed to hide the cellotape so you couldn’t see it or it looked scruffy.

We needed to change the trap door and add strings.

We need to push the trap door back into place.

We had to change the mechanism so that the lego man would fall.

We needed to change the slide as he got stuck at the top.

We needed curtains or a screen to hide the man falling.

We needed a drum roll or you could hear him drop.

We had to try making small changes lots of times so it gradually got better.

We had to measure the spaces and lengths so the paper or card would fit.

January 2018
Year 4 are using the book 'Leon and the Place Between' in our English this half-term.  In the story, Leon visits a circus and discovers a magical world when he steps inside the magician's box.  To help us feel amazed and fascinated like Leon, we had a visit from local magician, Wayne Goodman.  We certainly were astounded by his tricks!
December 2017
Winter trees pictures by Year 4: here is a selection of some of our winter trees pictures, created with pastel and paint.  The pictures were used to inspire our poetry writing too.
November 2017
PSHE: 'Making Connections' activity
Maths: Work on ratio and proportion
We have been learning how to use electrical equipment safely, and how to keep safe from the dangers of electricity.  Read some of our guides here.
A Poppy is Peace, Joy, Freedom and Hope.  A Poppy is Love.
We have been writing poems about Love.
Here are some of our words:
Love is when someone understands how you feel.
Love is arriving home.
Love is in our hearts.
Love is the best thing you can have.
Love is a special way of feeling.
Love is something inside you, not something you find.
Love is something you don't need to practise.
Love is sharing your thoughts with someone.
Love is the closest thing we have to magic.
Love is not something you ask for or buy.
Love is what you need on your journey of life.
Love is a wish in your dreams.
Musical Instrument Making
As part of our Design and Technology, and linking to our Science and/or History, we have been designing, making and evaluating musical instruments.
In Maths we have been learning about symmetry, and making symmetrical designs and butterflies.
October 2017
In RE, the children design a Jewish Sukkah. It is a small, three-walled structure that Jews are meant to live in during the Jewish Festival of Sukkot. Sukkot is a celebration of the Jewish harvest when farmers and their families lived far from home and in their fields in Israel. Historically, Sukkot goes even further back in Jewish tradition to when they escaped slavery in Egypt. During the 40 years the Jews wandered in the desert in search of the promised land, they lived in these little huts made of natural material - easily built and taken down. Year 4 designed their own and had a go at making them - either inside or outside. We hope we did them justice! 
September 2017   Shading
In Year 4, we are trying really hard to improve our drawing skills. A children's writer and illustrator, called Shoo Rayner, posts handy drawing tutorials which help with shading and shaping, so we had a go at his panda tutorial. Here is a taste of our work in progress. We are really proud of our efforts and feel that our shading really helps to make the panda look more three dimensional.
September 2017 Science
In science, we have been listening to different sounds and thinking about differences in pitch. We used a range of musical instruments to investigate and see if we could find any patterns. We noticed that there was a link between the length of some of the bars and strings and the pitch of the sound.
September 2017 Harvest
We are starting to think about harvest and the time of year for gathering the ripened crops. We had a go at making very simple corn dollies but decided to make them a bit funky by adding some colour! One or two people really experimented and made links and chains as well as heart shapes.  Here are our first attempts
September 2017
As part of our 25th Anniversary Celebrations, everyone in the school painted a ceramic plate to mark the occasion.  Thanks to the Friends for arranging this for us all!