Year 4 work during closure

Fabulous Year 4 Work
Our Year 4 children have been hard at work, at home, completing tasks and activities set by the Year 4 teachers during the period of time we are away from school. We have been sent so many emails with amazing photos, stories, maths work, science experiments, poems (there is too much to list!) that we haven't been able to include everything here. But we have loved seeing everything that you have been doing - keep up the good work everyone!

Some children have been busy writing fantasy stories. Here are just a few of some of the excellent stories that we have been sent. We especially like how they are all different despite all being from the same genre.

The children have been busy creating some amazing handwriting art! Here are a few of the super pieces that we've seen. We love how each one is different, we have some very creative children in Year 4!

As well as maths and literacy based tasks we have given the children lots of curriculum based tasks to do while at home. Here is just a selection of some of the lovely work that we have been sent. We are so impressed with everything that we have seen. Our children are clearly working hard at home!
Book Reviews
We asked the children to write a book review about a book that they have read recently. If you are bored in lockdown and looking for another book to read have a look at some of the book reviews below, maybe you'll find something that you would like to read...
Imagine that you have been shrunk to just a few centimetres tall! Using only natural resources that you find in your garden build yourself the best shelter you can. Could you do this? Well the children in year 4 certainly can!
Here are a few photos of different micro-dens, we especially loved how they were all unique and made out of different natural resources.
If you haven't made your micro-den yet and would like it to be featured here please send a photo of it to the school office for the Year 4 teachers and we will add it to the album.