Year 4 Blog 2020-2021

We read the story of Pegasus and Bellerophon before having a go at drawing the mythical winged horse! 
Sports Day 2021
We were so lucky with the weather for our Year 4 sports day. The sun shone and everyone tried their best. We were all disappointed not to be able to welcome parents in as usual but please do rest assured that we still tried hard to make the event memorable and fun for all the children. All the children entered into the spirit of the day by wearing their team colours and you could probably hear the loud cheering across Ely on Friday afternoon as everyone cheered their teams along!
Afterwards, we sat in the sunshine and enjoyed ice-lollies and time with friends and finished the day with a whole school Zoom assembly to find out the winning team - congratulations to the Blues!
We have been continuing with our maths investigations this week. Today, we had a go at estimating the distance of each lap around the field. Tomorrow, we will compare estimates and see who came the closest!
This week in Maths we have enjoyed an investigation into our running challenge.
We have been recording our daily laps in a table and after 2 weeks, had a go at finding out how many laps we had run altogether. We investigated using addition and multiplication and compared our answers to other partner teams. We all got slightly different answers but were impressed with how close we all were. We checked each others work to see if we could identify any mistakes in our calculations. We are looking forward to drawing bar graphs based on our data!
Year 4 have finished their Literacy unit on honeybees. We have been so impressed with their finished pieces! They have made a wonderful display in and around our classrooms. The children researched the different types of honeybees, why they are so important and how we can help protect them. They also learned how honey is made and drew fabulous drawings of a bee's anatomy. 
In preparation for our summer spelling assessments, we have been revising some of the words we have found tricky over the year. Homophones often catch us out so we have been finding ways to help us remember them!
Homophones: words that sound the same but have a different spelling /meaning.
Their, They're and There are the most common culprits. We found this picture helpful. 
Do you have any useful ways of remembering homophones?
In our history lessons we have been looking at different sources of information about the Ancient Greeks. We have learnt how the Greeks used vases to record their stories. In art, we created our own 'shards' of Greek pottery by shaping clay and painting scenes from Greek myths. Can you spot Medusa's hair?
Water Cycles from home
Dress To Express
Children's Mental Health Week 2021
Here are some of your Goblins comic strips from home. Thank you for all your hard work! 
Some of your warm and cool colour pictures from home...
Lines of symmetry 
Here are some of the symmetrical patterns that we created at school. 
In Mrs Fretwell and Miss Goodman's class we've been inspired by the character descriptions of the goblins from our class novel and used our imagination to draw what we think The Hatchery would look like and the goblins themselves! 
Remembrance Day
Mrs Fretwell and Miss Goodman's class have created some fantastic pieces of art inspired by the poem 'In Flanders Fields' by John McCrae. 
Roman Day 2020
We have all had a brilliant day. Thank you to all the parents and children for the super costumes, we've seen gladiators, soldiers, slaves, royalty and more. We started our day with a virtual visit from a Roman solider, a huge thank you to Ely Museum for arranging this for us. We have done lots of Roman themed activities and even tried some traditional Roman food - sausages, olives, honey cake and bread. Unfortunately our Olympics were rained off but we still had lots of fun despite the weather.
Please have a look through our photos from the day.
In Art we have been exploring different drawing techniques to create our starburst pictures. The children worked so hard and they were very pleased with the results! Well done! 
We have been discussing Ely and local landmarks, shops, areas and people and thinking about what Ely means to us. The children had fun making lots of different shapes and objects out of clay before deciding on their final sculptures. Watch this space for photos of the finished pieces! Details will follow about the local exhibition where all the sculptures will be displayed.
It has been a successful first day!  The children were excited to see one another this morning and they have settled well.  There may be a few tired people (particularly amongst the teachers!) so we recommend early nights all round!
Monday 7th September 2020
Just in case you are checking the website for a few, last-minute updates, here are some top tips for the first day of school.  First of all, do not worry about anything - we are here to help you settle in.  Secondly, if you are getting your (small) bag ready, here is a list of what to put in it...
Yes, please
water bottle
fruit snack (if you would like one)
pencil case
packed lunch (if required)
No, thank you
PE kt
We will be standing at the classroom doors tomorrow morning to welcome the children.  We could not be more excited to meet our new classes!
September 2020
Not long to go now!  We are busy planning for the first day back - it will be a gentle start with lots of activities designed to help us get to know each other.  Your Year 3 teachers have told us lots of lovely things about you so we can't wait to meet you all!
We hope you have found some time to create a poster, booklet or PowerPoint about yourself.  We are looking forward to finding out about your family, your hobbies, your thoughts about Lockdown and learning at home, what you have done over the summer, your favourite book, game or film...
If you haven't had the chance to look at our Year 4 PowerPoint, please click on the link below.
Happy Holidays!
The Year 4 Team
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