Year 4 blog 2019-2020

Team building
This week we have been working on team building skills in outdoor PE.
We have experienced lots of emotions - elation, frustration, happiness, sadness.
We have learnt lots about working together, the importance of perseverance and how to be kind to each other. We've learnt that not only is it important to support each other within a team, but also to support those in other teams, even when we are competing against them.
Circus Skills!
This Thursday, Year 4 had a go at learning some new skills - circus skills! We practiced plate spinning, baton twirling, juggling and diablo spinning! The children showed some fabulous coordination skills, especially when juggling!
Remembrance Day poppies
In our art lesson this week we sketched some still life poppies in pencil. We then changed style and medium and used oil pastel to create some more abstract pieces!
This week year 4 have enjoyed some den making with PALS!
Year 4 Netball tournament!
Today year 4 braved the windy weather for our netball tournament. We mixed up our classes and split ourselves into groups of 7. We really enjoyed working with new friends. We played fairly and showed fantastic teamwork skills. We are proud of ourselves and everyone who joined in.
By Molly, Zoe and Charlie, 4Y
Andy Goldsworthy Art
We were inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, an environmental artist who uses things he finds in nature to create pieces of art. We created a colour wheel using Autumnal leaves we found in the nature garden. We worked together as a class and went out to see what leaves we could find. 
We placed the leaves on the wheel depending on their colour- green, yellow, orange, red and brown. We found a real mix of shapes and sizes. 
In the middle, we used black paper to create the effect of a hole. We were all really pleased with what we created, we loved the bright vibrant colours.
Nela, Safwan, Lucy, Olivia and Emmanuel