Year 4 - w/b 13th July

I couldn't let your last day go by without saying a final goodbye to you all! It would take me far too long to drive to all of your houses and wave to you through your windows so I am doing it by video. Goodbye lovely year 4s. I can't wait to see you all in September when you come back for Year 5. The Year 5 teachers are so lucky to be getting such brilliant classes next year. Have a lovely summer and we will all see you in September.
From, Mrs Grant :)
Year 4 Home Learning
Monday 13th July -  Friday 17th July
The final week!
Dear Year 4,
Congratulations, you've made it! What a strange year it's been. If we think back to when you joned Year 4 in September I don't think any of us would have predicted that the year would have turned out like this! But we've done it, you should all feel so proud of yourselves. We know there have been times when it's been scary, boring and lonely but we hope that when you look back on this time you will also remember times that were fun, exciting and interesting.
If you were at school, this final week would be very different, we would be getting the classroom tidied, finishing off jobs, going to assemblies and saying goodbye to each other. Although we can't do those things maybe you could tidy your bedrooms and say thank you to your parents for helping you to get through this time of home learning! Maybe you could plan and do a 'whole family' assembly to mark the end of the school year.
We are going to see you all in September, we will definitely be coming to find you all in your Year 5 classrooms to say a big hello.
Do your best this week, be kind to yourself and we hope that you all have fun over the summer. See you in September!
From, the Year 4 team :)

For your final week please aim to do the ongoing daily tasks plus an English and a maths task every day. Try to complete two curriculum tasks at some point during your week as well. 
Ongoing Daily Tasks:
- reading time (at least 25 minutes)
- daily comprehension
- handwriting practice (10 minutes)
- Times Tables Rock Stars (at least 15 minutes)
- spelling practice (10 minutes)
Daily handwriting task
We have practised handwriting in lots of different ways during closure. Choose your favourite way and do it this week for your handwriting practise (leaflet, handwriting art, focusing on certain joins, sentences from a book, every word in the alphabet sentence or choose your own way to practise handwriting).
Daily comprehension task
Please complete the reading comprehension on dolphins. Then create a dolphin information poster, this should include lots of facts and information about dolphins as well as being colourful and eye catching. If you want to do extra research for your poster then you can.
Maths: Daily Warm Up
As you have completed all 10 Arithmetic Exercises, our daily warm ups this week have come from the Corbett Maths website - there are silver, gold and platinum calculations on the website too if you would like a challenge (as well as the answers).  Scroll down to June on the link below to find them.
If you would rather give previous Arithmetic Exercises a second go, they are also included below (plus one for Y5) - it's your choice!
Maths Overview: Maths Board Game
Design and make your own board game this can send us photos if you like!
Maths Websites
Here are some useful websites if you are keen to do some extra work and access to a computer is not an issue for you. - daily video + daily tasks - daily video
If you would like some maths challenges, have a look at the Maths Corner page which has links to a variety of sites with lots of different activities to do.
English Overview:
Choose your final tasks from the selection below. You should be aiming to complete 2 or 3 this week.
Other Curriculum:
Please aim to complete two tasks you haven't yet attempted from the 'Curriculum Activities' sheet below.
PSHE: Sex & Relationships Education (SRE)
Please cover the work sent home via Parent Mail, thank you.

I think I have filled up the ESJ website with all our cat videos so it's bit different this week. They still look the same but you need to click on the chapter that you want to watch on the links below. Happy listening!
Something that has helped me during lockdown is escaping into a good book! I've read so many books during the last few months that I feel like I've nearly read every book ever written! If you are like me and love to escape into a good book have a look at the document below called 'library information'. It has information about when libraries are open over the summer but also about eBooks, eAudiobooks, eComics and eMagazines all of which you can get without actually having to visit the library!
From Mrs Grant