Year 4 Remote Learning Page WB 1-3-21

Year 4 Home Learning 
Week beginning Monday 1st March 2021
Well, we have all made it!  This is your final week of home learning and we cannot wait until next Monday when you return to school - we are so excited!  You and your parents have done an amazing job at home and you should all be very proud of yourselves!
This week we would like you to write a letter telling us what you have loved about being at home during this Lockdown and what you have found tricky.  Tell us what you are most looking forward to and any worries that you have about coming back to school.  Happy writing!
These letters are very important to us - please email them to before Friday 5th March.
A Message from Mrs Hambley and Mrs Grant
One of our home learners has asked us what we will be doing when everyone returns to school on Monday 8th March so we thought we would put a message on the website to give everyone a 'heads up' about the day.  We are pretty much going to be following our timetable from the Autumn Term straight away (I have attached our timetable to help you if you have forgotten what we did before Christmas!).
When you come into school on Monday, we will begin with spelling practice and reading just to give everyone time to settle.  You will have time to talk about your Lockdown experiences and your hopes for the weeks ahead.  We will give you the opportunity to talk through any worries you may have and give you time to reconnect with your friends.  Then there will be assembly, snack and story and playtime.  After play, it will be maths and CLIC followed by lunch time, quiet reading and topic.
Choose a project
The children in school have been working on their own individual project over the last few weeks and we would like our home learners to think of a project to work on when they return to school.  The idea behind this project is to give children the chance to find out about something they are really interested in and to encourage independent learning. 
We can't wait to see you all,
Mrs Hambley and Mrs Grant
While you are at home, we would like you to do the ongoing daily tasks, 5 English tasks and 5 maths task over the week plus a curriculum task every day. 
Ongoing Daily Tasks:
- reading time (at least 25 minutes)
- handwriting practice (10 minutes)
- Times Tables Rock Stars (at least 15 minutes)
- spelling practice (10 minutes)
Daily Handwriting Practice (10 minutes)
Work through the joins in our Handwriting Resource Book (see below).  Choose one join a day and then find some words that contain the join you have practised.  You could also put the words into sentences.
Spelling Practice (10 minutes)
See the Spelling tab for this week's spelling lists.  Remember to look, say, cover, write and check each word.
You could also:
•Put the words into sentences
•Find them in a newspaper article or your current reading book
•Look up their definition in the dictionary
•Find synonyms in a thesaurus
Maths: Daily Warm Up
Complete five calculations every day from the appropriate Arithmetic test below.
Or practise your CLIC skills by using the link below:
Maths Overview:
We are moving on to our new measurement unit this week. We will start by refreshing our knowledge of how we measure the length of objects before moving on to measuring the perimeter. Perimeter is the distance around the outside of a shape. This week you will need a ruler, a longer tape measure will be a bonus!
English Overview:
We will be writing our own play scripts based on our class novel 'Goblins'.
Curriculum Tasks:
Please aim to complete a curriculum task every day.
Your Learn Its to practise are
9 x 9 = 81
11 x 9 = 99
12 x 9 = 108
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