Year 5 - w/b 13th July

Ely St. John’s Primary School
 Weekly Learning – Year 5
Monday July 13th -  Friday July 17th
The last week of term! Well done if you have been completing the tasks on the website. You have worked hard so this week we will not be putting up daily maths and literacy lessons. Instead, you can decide how long you spend on the activities and when you do them.  We are sad that we haven't been able to talk to you personally this term and teach you in the classroom. We have enjoyed the time we did have with you and send our very best wishes for your time in Year 6. Hopefully, sometime soon we will be able to catch up with what you have been doing but in the meantime, stay safe and have an enjoyable summer holiday.


If you would like some maths challenges, have a look at the Maths Corner page which has links to a variety of sites with lots of different activities to do.

You can still keep fit with Joe Wicks on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. or try

For the last week please continue to do:

-       Reading Time (30 minutes) and include the tasks which are in your homework books.  Please also use the BBC Bitesize site where you will find a Daily Book Club activity read by famous people with things to do which cover the reading objectives for Y5. This one is for Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief.                         

-       Times Tables Rockstars (15 minutes)     

-       Spelling List work (10 minutes) 

-       Handwriting(10 minutes) Use the Handwriting Resource file to practise letters and joins you may have a problem with. You can also use the time to copy a few lines from a book concentrating on letter formation, joins and the presentation of your handwriting. You can use 2Handwrite  on Purple Mash too. 


Cross-curricular activities

This is the time in the term when Sports Day is usually held. As we can't take part this year, this week have a go at the activities on 

Between 1893 – 1964 Ely hosted an annual sports day on the Paradise Fields.The sports day attracted crowds of up to 10,000 people each year with the cycling & athletic programme attracting high profile names as the track was praised as one of the best in Britain.

Following each sports day was also a programme of music, dancing, games and fireworks which were enjoyed by all.

Your challenge is to create your own City of Ely Sports Day.
See on the video the races that took place, then have a go at designing and making your own winners trophy and medals! You can create your own fun Ely Sports Day themed race with rules and include a report for the next edition of the local paper! Remember, you don't have to do everything in one day, spread the tasks over the week.
Attached is a wordsearch containing a selection of the words you have learnt this year. When you have found them, make sure you can spell the words correctly!
Complete any tasks from the Viking grid which need finishing.
How is your long ship looking? Make sure it is finished this week.
Please see the work sent via Parent Mail.