Year 5 Blog 2017-18

Welcome to our Year 5 page.
Please take a look at our latest curriculum map and newsletter.  Below there are some photos of some of our activities, trips and lessons.
Multiplication with fractions
Writing the problem on desks, the children used fraction blocks and a nine sided dice to create different problems. The fraction blocks helped to show the mixed number after the operation was completed.
We've been creating Bollywood dances in PE. Here are Mrs Geeson's class and Mrs Pixley's class in action . . . 
Year 5 enjoyed a great day out at 'Clip and Climb' in Cambridge.
After the recent heavy winds, Mrs Geeson's and Mrs Pixley's classes created short musical pieces to represent a storm. Notice how Mrs Pixley's class created a short phrase using notes from the A minor key. This built up tension and developed a feeling of worried anticipation before the storm. They then used percussion to build to a crescendo as the wind got stronger (and eventually knocked over a tree). Afterwards, they switched to the A major key to give a feeling of brightness after the storm.  
WW2 Poster Art
This term, we created propaganda posters linked to out History topic. During the war food rationing was real problem for children and families. Pupils have designed posters to persuade us to grow our own food. We used vegetables to design the writing.
Visit to Ely Museum
We spent a day at Ely Museum and the Lighthouse Centre finding out about life as an evacuee during World War 2.
Making Eccentric Cams
A while ago we experimented with Tech card and Lego with aim of making vertical 'up-down' movement from a cam.  The exact distance it moves depends on the shape of the cam and this is known as the throw. Pupils constructed a 'prototype' as a team. Material experts, project recorders and project managers ensured all went to plan!
Now, at the end of term, we completed some more polished toys.
Science - Forces - October 2017
We have been testing the effect of changing wing sizes on drop speeds. The results (recorded in seconds) have been very clear. Pupils explained their findings in terms of changes in air resistance.
September 2017
As part of our school's 25 year anniversary, we each decorated a special commemorative plate.