Year 6 - w/b 13th July

 Year 6
Class of 2020
Can you believe that this is the LAST week of home learning? You have all done so well to keep going with your home learning for this length of time. We know how hard it has been some times and we really appreciate the maturity and independence you have shown to get this far. Well done! We are very proud of you.
Remember to take a good look at the Year 6 Blog pages to see all the fantastic learning you've shared with us. We have been amused, impressed, intrigued and rewarded by your efforts. Thank you! Your personal topics are great and we have learnt a lot from you.
And so.... for the last time.....
Daily Tasks:
  • Reading (at least 30 minutes). Make sure you are reading regularly. Have you changed your book recently? Have you tried a book from a different genre? Have you read a book in Latin whilst hanging upside down from a tree? (Just checking you are still paying attention!) Read a magazine article? Looked up some non-fiction?
  • Times Tables Rockstars -  if you need to learn multiplication tables
  • Use the year 6 weblinks to learn, play and revise different topics in a variety of subjects. 
  • Maths 5-a-day On Monday, start with July 13th and complete one every day for the rest of the week. The answers are on the site; ask an adult to mark it for you. Check you are still doing the right level for you. It shouldn't be too easy, nor too hard!

Tasks to complete over the week:

Spelling: There is a Year 6 Wordsearch in the PDF below. Words go vertically, horizontally, diagonally and forwards and backwards. Here it is online.

Reading Challenge: Have a good think about the books you have read lately. Is there a book you want to read in the holidays? Libraries are opening soon and there are lots of ways to download books. Make a reading list for the next few weeks and think about how you will get hold of those books! Ely Library opening hours and access arrangements in the pdf below.

Science: There is a second show available from the Cambridge Science Show from Monday July 13th. Like last week, we will send the access code to you on Monday. The topic this time is Sound. The Science Centre magazine is available below as a pdf.

Personal topic: 
Please bring your topic to an end this week and send it in. Click here to read about the inspiring people you have based your personal topic presentations on so far. They are fantastic! 

See the pdf below to help you to recognise, analyse and manage feelings. There are also activities about Families and What should you think of before you have a baby? 

PE: If you haven't visited Joe Wicks recently, go say hello! Some of you have worked out with Joe throughout lockdown and kept a good level of fitness. Well Done! Keep that habit going through the summer. Remember, feeling fit helps you feel good about yourself.

English: Here is a resource for a quirky writing task: a way to reflect on what has gone before and to look forward. There is pdf with instructions below.

Maths: Click here to watch and take part in a daily maths session every day this week. Scroll down the link to find the video for today's date.
Here are two other websites offering daily maths sessions covering different topics:  
  1. Click here for NCETM daily maths lesson videos. These are still up so if you haven't completed them they are still available.
  2. Click here the White Rose lesson worksheets video links and answers are saved below.

At the bottom of the page there we have uploaded a variety of extra challenges, from maths puzzle jigsaws and reasoning puzzles to using a calculator ready for secondary school. Try some of these activities. 

Remember year 6 standards - neat work, joined handwriting, careful and thoughtful presentation. 
We would rather you do a few things each day well than rush through all of them.

Year 6 Podcast
Thank you to everyone who sent in their play scripts. What a talented bunch you are! It was really hard to decide because they were all excellent but we went for the one which required Mr Killick to play the part of a mermaid. Of course we did! 
Below is this week's podcast.
If you've missed any podcasts, or would like to listen to them again, you can find them below.