Year 6 Autumn Term 2023

Welcome to Year 6!
We would like to welcome you all back after the summer holiday and hope you are all ready for the new term. We are looking forward to working with you and we are excited to learn new things.
Our Year 6 team this year:
Mr Preston and Mrs Lloyd 6X
Ms Fellows and Mrs Sutcliffe ppa Wednesday morning 6Y
Our teaching assistant team:  Dr Hartland, Mr Mackender, Mrs Appleby and Mrs Hambley.
Here are a few reminders:
PE days
Outside games : Friday 6X and 6Y Quick sticks Autumn half term 2
Inside PE: 6X Tuesday 6Y Thursday Dance Autumn half term 2.
Please come to school, on these days, wearing your PE kit.
Please wear the school uniform PE kit. In winter, when the weather is cold, please wear leggings or joggers and a fleece/sweat shirt in plain dark colours. Please remember a water bottle and please tie back long hair.
Please do not wear jewellery in year 6.
Children can bring fruit snack to school. This will be eaten mid-morning, after playtime.
As the term progresses, we will add pages here for homework, for any special events and for our gallery to showcase our work. Keep a look out for new additions.
We explored human features in Geography by making these maps in groups. 
Geography - The UK
Want a lovely day out? Don't want to travel too far? Why not visit one of East Anglia's wonderful attractions.
We made beetles in DT using felt and stitching techniques. 
Beetle Art
We  used pen to draw a Stag beetle. It is difficult to create shape when you cannot shade light and dark so we needed to use the pen in a different way to the way you would shade with pencil. Here are some of our first attempts. Pretty good, I am sure you will agree!
Our EJ Way
In Year 6, we have been thinking about the EJ Way and how it is such an important part of our life in school. At the start of the year, it is like meeting an old friend so we decided to give everyone a high five and welcome everyone back with Our EJ Way.
Have you ever tried to draw without doing the outline first? Our Year 6s gave it a go. We challenged our Year 6 pupils to create an image with depth and form by using shading and close observation skills only.
RE : Harvest
The children looked at photographs by Veronica of the Fens (Ms Blakeman asked for her permission and she very kindly agreed) and also a poem by Ted Hughes to help them to think about Harvest and the harvest moon. Here are some of the poems and pastel pictures which were collected and displayed as they were finished.
Sea Otters
In The Wild Robot story, the sea otters play a big part in the story as they are the animals who first discover and activate Roz the robot.
We looked  at a pencil drawing of a sea otter and used a shading technique to try to capture the details of the otter's face and wet fur. We used an HB pencil. 
Here are some of our first attempts. we were pretty pleased with our first try at using this particular technique.
We then went on to try an ink pen: you cannot shade -  you have to make marks and create light and dark areas in a different way.